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Ryan Dunn's Final Hours Revealed: A Friend With Him The Night Of The Crash Speaks Out!

Fri, June 24, 2011 8:23pm EDT by 1 Comment

We now know what was going on in the bar during the last few hours of Ryan Dunn’s life…his friend Thaddeus Kalinoski tells the full story!

Jackass star Ryan Dunn, 34, was at a bar in West Chester, Pennsylvania enjoying some drinks prior to crashing to his death on June 20 with a blood alcohol concentration of .196. His old friend, Thaddeus Kalinoski, 34, ran into him at the bar that night. Thaddeus spoke to E! about Ryan’s last few hours alive, saying Ryan was in good spirits and was acting the same as he usually did.

“We talked about his new show. He was really excited about that [and] his new house,” he said. “Then we started talking about skate boarding and…he started talking about Bam [Margera] and how proud he was of him as a skate boarder.”

There have been reports from UK’s Daily Mail claiming Ryan was at the bar for several hours, but Thaddeus set the record straight, saying he was with Ryan at the bar for a short time.

“Reports were saying five hours, which is ludicrous. It was maybe two hours,” he said. “He was the same person as he came in and as he left he was in good spirits, just really happy to be there with his friends.”

TMZ also reported Ryan had a whopping 11 drinks before leaving the bar! Despite the reports, Ryan was not on a mission to get drunk, according to Thaddeus.

“[It was just] guys at the bar drinking, relaxing, having a couple of drinks. That is all it was,” he explained.

Being one of the last people to see Ryan, Thaddeus was taken back when he heard the terrible news.

“When I heard it the next day, I didn’t believe it. I didn’t even think it was real,” he said. “[In an ideal world, he would] go back and tell [Ryan] to stop, but it was just people out at a bar having drinks.”

-Josh DeMilta

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