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Cindy Anthony Says Caylee Could Have Climbed Into The Pool Herself, Helping Casey's Defense!

Fri, June 24, 2011 3:52pm EDT by 2 Comments

Casey Anthony‘s mother Cindy already testified that she had been the one making incriminating searches for chloroform on the family’s computer, and today shared even more shocking testimony.

Casey‘s defense attorney Jose Baez showed Cindy several pictures today of 2-year-old Casey and the family’s above-ground pool. With teary eyes, the distraught grandmother explained that Caylee had been able to not only open the sliding glass door to get out to the pool, but also to climb the ladder herself.

Cindy said that they swam together very frequently and that “[Caylee] was anxious to get in.”

“We took extra precaution every day to keep the ladder off the pool,” Cindy continued. “We taught Caylee she had to be with us to swim.”

When Cindy returned home from work on June 16, 2008, she said that she found something unusual at home — the ladder was leaned against the pool instead of in its usual spot. This is the day that Caylee went missing, followed by an entire month of not reporting her disappearance.

Prosecutors believe that Casey murdered her daughter and dumped her remains in the woods, while the defense says that Caylee drowned in a swimming accident that was covered up by Casey and her father, George.

Lee Anthony also took the stand. While his earlier testimony left people thinking that he was not convinced of his sister’s innocence, today he shared an important detail that might help Casey in the long run.

According the Lee, the stains in the trunk of Casey’s car, which used to be his, were there when the family purchased it. This doesn’t account for the levels of chloroform and evidence of human decomposition, but it does help.

When Casey’s defense wraps up, the jury will have to decide — Is this woman innocent or guilty? If convicted, she faces the death penalty.

–Brooke Peoples

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