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Hot Stories You Missed, Today June 24th, On HollyBaby!

Fri, June 24, 2011 8:00pm EDT by Add first Comment

Presidents, baby poop, witches and more baby poop have dominated our day at!

If you want to find out how J.Lo‘s son trashed a swimming pool; what Carey Hart‘s using to exfoliate (it’s gross) and what dating advice Michelle Obama plans to give to her daughters…. take a seat and click away!


1. Jennifer Lopez’s Son Used Her Pool As A Personal Bathroom — And It Cost Her $6,000!

Let’s just say potty training in the Lopez-Anthony household has caused a bit of a poo-poo problem. It’s tough when your kiddies are just learning how to use the toilet — from wet sheets to dirty clothes, it can be a mess. But, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony‘s 3-year-old son Max‘s potty problem not only cost them some new bedding — it led to a $6,000 bill! Click here to read more

2. Cindy Anthony Says Caylee Could Have Climbed Into The Pool Herself, Helping Casey’s Defense!

Casey Anthony‘s mother Cindy already testified that she had been the one making incriminating searches for chloroform on the family’s computer, and today shared even more shocking testimony. Casey‘s defense attorney Jose Baez showed Cindy several pictures today of 2-year-old Casey and the family’s above-ground pool. With teary eyes, the distraught grandmother explained that Caylee had been able to not only open the sliding glass door to get out to the pool, but also to climb the ladder herself. Click here to read more

3. Witchcraft Spell Helps ‘Infertile’ Woman Get Pregnant!

Claire Anderson asked white witch Wendy Binks to cast a spell after doctors told her she had a BILLION-IN-ONE chance of conceiving naturally. Amazingly it worked — and Claire is now a proud mom of two! Is this for real? Click here to read more

4. Michelle Obama Gives Malia & Sasha Dating Advice! How Cute!

The First Lady wants her daughters to choose partners who’ll uplift them and help them be better people! While President Barack Obama plans to use “men with guns” to scare teenage boys away from his daughters, his wife Michelle is planning a more gentle approach to the prospect of Sasha and Malia dating. What do you think of her advice? Click here to read more

5. Pink’s Man Carey Is A Pro — He’s Already Been Pooped On And Didn’t Complain!

The ‘poop test’ is a rite of passage for all new dads — and we’re thrilled to hear Carey Hart has passed with flying colors! Pop star Pink insists her motocross star husband is a “natural” when it comes to newborn Willow Sage and has loved getting stuck with all the stressy and messy baby chores. Click here to read more

6. Owen Wilson & His Baby Mama Have Split Already! How Sad!

Jade Duell only gave birth to Owen’s baby son Robert Ford five months ago! The couple reportedly split because Owen Wilson wouldn’t commit! But they had a BABY together — that’s a massive commitment! Click here to read more