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'Glee' Choreographer Reveals His Favorite On-Set Accidents And Injuries!

Wed, June 22, 2011 8:45pm EDT by 8 Comments

It all seems so perfect onscreen but on-set accidents do happen often, and  ‘Glee’ choreographer Zach Woodlee dishes on the best of them.

Director Ryan Murphy often has crazy visions for the episodes that Glee choreographer Zach Woodlee is in charge of planning, which results in demanding practice schedules, and numerous bumps and bruises– so many that Zach has created a “bruise wall” for the best of them!

Zach Woodlee talked to about his favorite injuries so far. Many of his all-time most memorable involved the episode ‘Wheels’, when every castmember had to both use and perform a musical number in a wheelchair. Castmate Kevin McHale, who plays Artie, has been using a wheelchair the entire series, but the others had to learn to adapt. Amber Riley, (Mercedes), was going down a ramp too quickly when her chair hit the lip of the ramp and she was sent sprawling into a crevice!

Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry on the show, was trying to show off how she could pop a wheelie just like Kevin does, but her wheelchair didn’t have stoppers, so she actually just tipped her chair back and ended up bumping her head on the floor!

Even Dianna Agron, who plays popular cheerleader Quinn, was sent flying when her foot got caught on a nail. She cut up her knee and had to wear only long dresses for the rest of the episode until it healed!

Zach even remembers having to cut a scene due to an injury! Chris Colfer had injured his wrist after a roller-blading episode, and one of his dance routines with the Cheerios had to be cut.

We knew Glee was a demanding show, but we didn’t know it was this brutal! The talented and bruised cast of Glee is currently on tour before they begin filming for the upcoming third season.

Who do you think has the most accidents on-set? Sound off below!

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