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Casey Anthony Could Walk Free! Legal Experts Poke Holes In The Case Against Her!

Wed, June 22, 2011 1:10pm EDT by 13 Comments

She may be a proven liar who partied after her daughter disappeared — but that doesn’t make her a murderer, seasoned defense attorneys warn.

The prosecution amassed a mountain of evidence linking Casey Anthony to the murder of her daughter Caylee, but almost all of its circumstantial and MAY NOT be enough to convict her.

“This is definitely not a slam dunk case,” Florida A&M University law professor Karin Moore tells People Magazine. “The state doesn’t have an eyewitness. They don’t have a confession, so most of the evidence is circumstantial.”

Those convinced of Casey’s guilt will point towards the string of lies the 25-year-old told investigators and the photos of her partying in the days after Caylee vanished.

But Karin Moore insists that’s not enough to convince a jury of her guilt, beyond reasonable doubt.

She adds, “party pictures can prove that she was out partying later, but not that she intentionally killed [her daughter]. Being a liar does not mean she’s a murderer.”

New York-based defense attorney Stuart Slotnick agrees — and insists Casey’s jury WILL be aware of holes in the case against her.

He tells People, “There are gaps in the prosecution’s theories, and the jury will notice them.”

Casey is accused of murdering two-year-old Caylee and dumping her body in a woodland near the family home in Orlando, Florida in 2008. If found guilty of first degree murder she faces a possible death sentence.

— Ian Garland

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