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'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Verbal Abuse And An Unstable Home Make Allie's Episode The Most Dramatic Yet!

Wed, June 22, 2011 2:55am EDT by 7 Comments

Allie struggles to find a place to raise her baby after her parents kick her out — and her boyfriend’s mom is a drug addict!

No job, no home, and no car, teen mom Allie Mendoza struggled to make it on her own before her baby even arrived! After Allie skipped taking her birth control pill, she found herself pregnant with her younger boyfriend Joey‘s baby after only two months of dating. When Allie turned to her parents for help, she found herself kicked to the curb!

Allie’s mother lived in New Jersey and the only advice she offered her daughter was to get an abortion. Her father banished her from his house when she decided to keep the baby, so the only place Allie had to go was her boyfriend Joey’s house. Unfortunately Joey’s mom, Yolanda, is a drug addict and has a very volatile personality.

When Allie talks back to Yolanda, the out-of-control mom loses her temper and starts hurling expletives at the teen’s face — constantly reminding her how her parents don’t want her and everyone abandoned her because she’s worthless. Allie worries about raising her baby in the same house as Joey’s mom because of her temper and drug habits. Neither Joey nor Allie understand the fiscal or physical responsibilities of raising a baby and have a rude awakening when they go to shop for baby clothes with only $20.

Allie can’t stand the stress of the verbal abuse and Yolanda’s constant insults on her parents, so the young couple moves to Joey grandma’s house after another explosive verbal attack erupts between Allie and Yolanda. Allie promises Yolanda will never have to see her or her baby ever again which just sends Yolanda into an even deeper rage.

Allie doesn’t seem to want to accept the gravity of her situation, and refuses to move back to her mother’s house because then she would be in a different state than Joey. The couple still goes out on Halloween and to Homecoming, and thinks learning to raise a baby will be as simple as trying to put a diaper on a cat!

Yolanda tries to reconcile her relationship with Joey and Allie by checking into a rehab facility to detox from her 10 year addiction to opiates. As Allie approaches her due date, the doctor decides that they’re going to induce labor so Allie hopes her mom will be able to fly out for her delivery. Unfortunately, Allie’s mom can’t get out of work so Allie has to go to the delivery room without any family by her side. Luckily, Yolanda is sober and Joey’s family is supportive through the delivery.

When Allie goes into labor, she keeps in contact with her mother through text message and the only person who steps up to comfort her is Joey’s grandmother. After baby Aydenn is born, Allie realizes how hard it is to take care of a baby without the help of nurses and Joey refuses to step up to the plate to her aid. Instead of helping Allie who stays at home all day with the baby, Joey spends his time at football practice and playing video games.

After a year apart, Allie’s mother comes to visit for a weekend and helps Allie realize that the only reason she’s staying with Joey is because of the baby. When Allie has to go back to school and Joey still refuses to help out she confronts him about their relationship. Allie eventually decides the best thing to do is break up with Joey and stay with a friend until she graduates high school. After Allie finishes school she plans on moving to New Jersey to live with her mother.

The season finale of 16 & Pregnant was the most emotionally disturbing episode of the season. It was really sad to watch Allie struggle with the lack of parental support and the abusive environment she turned to. Watching Yolanda spin out of control was hard to watch, especially when Joey’s little brother covered his ears in fear, showing it was not a healthy environment for a baby. It was also really depressing Allie hadn’t seen her mother at any point during her pregnancy and she didn’t even show up for the delivery!

You could also tell Allie had developed a hard shell to deal with her abandonment issues, which is why she fought back against Yolanda. The whole time Allie wanted to make sure that she was a better parent to her son then either she or Joey had growing up. I do think it was a good decision Allie was strong enough to break up with Joey when their relationship went south instead of staying in a miserable situation because she depended on him for living conditions.

Tell us what you thought of the season finale of 16 & Pregnant! Do you think Allie should work things out with Joey for Aydenn’s sake? Or is she better off on her own?

Nicole Fukuoka

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