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Kirstin Says: It's Britney, B*tch! The Princess Of Pop Is Back & More Entertaining Than Ever For Her 'Femme Fatale' Tour!

Tue, June 21, 2011 9:24pm EDT by 9 Comments

Britney Spears put on the show of a lifetime at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles June 20! She didn’t miss a beat!

Britney Spears‘s latest album, Femme Fatale, has earned her mega-praise from critics worldwide, and her Femme Fatale tour, which is sponsored by her fragrance “radiance BRITNEY SPEARS,” is equally deserving of rave reviews. I sat in the front row at her sold out concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles June 20 and even thinking about it again is giving me chills. Here are five reasons why you cannot miss this show!

  • The energy: The second her countdown clock began flashing on the walls, the stadium felt like it was about to burst. 36 minutes until Britney comes on stage? Who cares! I’d wait a lifetime!
  • The set list: No matter if you’re an old-school Britney fan or you’re more obsessed with her new electronic sound, you’ll be pleased as punch with the songs in the tour. Britney’s set list is longer than 20 songs long and includes nearly all her major hits! (“Lucky” was omitted…)
  • Special effects: Never one to shy away from hanging in the air, riding on a ride or popping up from the floor, Britney and her 20+ dancers made excellent use of moving sidewalks, angel wings, fake motorcycles and whole slew of other awesome special effects. As I mentioned before, the show is well-sponsored — especially by Britney’s fragrance, radiance BRITNEY SPEARS.
  • The crowd:Unlike Britney circa 1999, the Femme Fatale audience was mature — I hardly saw any young kids. The majority of the faces in the audience seemed to be 25-35 — basically the people who grew up with her. It felt like a bonding experience!
  • SHE’S BACK! We’ve all seen the videos comparing old Britney’s dance moves to new Britney’s slower steps, so it’s nice to see Brit own the stage again with confidence. Is she the same dancer she was 10 years ago? No. But she also brings more depth and maturity in her music…it’s almost like she’s exchanged one thing with the other.
  • All in all, if you have the opportunity to this show, you shouldn’t miss it — it’s THAT awesome!

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