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'Basketball Wives' Star Jennifer Williams Blogs: My Ex Eric Shouldn't Have Approached My Friends!

Tue, June 21, 2011 11:36am EDT by 10 Comments

‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams is blogging for, sharing her thoughts about each episode! Read what she says below!

Sometimes laughter is the best remedy! That best describes my thoughts on last night’s episode of VH1’s Basketball Wives. The episode was full of comedy, did he/she just say that, tears and of course drama!

I would like to start by saying I absolutely appreciate Suzie being a mature woman and coming to me and telling me that Eric has been reaching out to her. It is always best to hear it from the person than to hear it secondhand from someone else. Listen, I am not trying to knock anyone’s business hustle, however all the girls know the pain and hurt I have gone through with Eric. For him, to approach my friends to be part of a project and one that is about women stealing from men AND involves nudity is just too much! C’mon, even guys know there is a girlfriend code!

Royce on the other hand is a different story. It would be one thing if they were friends before Eric and I got together, but rehashing my problems with her is like beating a dead horse! Did you not witness my breakdown in Spain over my marriage? GIRLFRIEND 101!! NEXT…

Just when you think you know all there is to know about a person, they go and do something outlandish. That is my motto about Eric these days. Can we say “Hollywood”? I swear I didn’t recognize that “character” last night! Telling Suzie she is going to be nude in his movie? Really? And he feels I robbed him for ten years? So many WOW’s!! I am going to take the high road with Eric. However, I do feel him reaching out to Royce and Suzie (the two people he thought I wasn’t friends with) is rather spiteful! Eric and I were together for quite some time and although we are no longer together, I think we should have a mutual respect for each other. So good luck with that blockbuster movie! Wink!

The Polo event was memorable to say the least. The drinks were flowing so you know what that means for us Basketball Wives! I knew us going to Polo in two different groups was going to be awkward. So Tami comes over to have a conversation with me and next thing I know Meeka is telling Tami she is her “momma”! What?? All I could think to myself was this is not going to end well! Meeka has definitely gotten herself in the middle of everything and was definitely out of line, but I also think she had one too many drinks. Tami already wasn’t too fond of her but that set her completely off! It was an all out screaming match and all I was thinking was that we need to get the hell out of here! Like I said last night, you do not want to be on Tami’s bad side! That is certainly not the last of Tami and Meeka, it gets even better! Stay tuned…

– Jennifer Williams