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Bonnie Says: 'The Green Lantern' Will Totally Entertain The Teen & Younger Guys In Your Life This Weekend!

Fri, June 17, 2011 5:19pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 1 Comment

Ryan Reynolds has a lantern full of tricks and moves that will keep young men entranced in their 3D glasses.

And if you’re in the theater, Ryan won’t be too hard on your eyes either. Scarlett Johansson‘s ex-husband proves he could be The Hottest Bachelor in Hollywood, playing a Top Gun– type pilot Hal Jordan, constantly pushing the envelope trying to overcome the limits of his fear. He looks mighty fine with multiple muscles bulging under his Green Lantern superhero body suit. Hal lives under the shadow of his top pilot dad, who bravely perished in a tragic flying accident when Hal was just a young boy.

Whether it’s because he fears he can’t live up to his father’s courage, or there’s some other unexplained reason, Hal also has a fear of relationship commitment to go along with his tendency to choke when he reaches the limits of his courage.

Your teen guys will have Hal-envy the moment Blake Lively, playing a Top Gun – style pilot and airline executive, Carol Ferris, herself appears on screen. She and Hal clearly have unresolved relationship issues, which only get more complicated when Hal goes green.

Let’s just say, Hal gets to meet aliens, travel intergalactically to the planet, Oa, battle the ultimate evil and face-off with a U.S. Senator’s son, Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Hector Hammond, who definitely gets a raw deal in the alien experience department.

So get your 3D glasses ready and be prepared to get deeply involved with the color green.

— Bonnie Fuller

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