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Going Forward, Amber Portwood Needs Intensive Care And Family Support, Doctors Say!

Fri, June 17, 2011 2:24am EDT by Add first Comment

Doctors tell us Gary Shirley should stop Tweeting and start treating Amber Portwood’s condition as a private matter! She’s already has enough of her life in the public eye!

Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood, 21, needs help–and fast! Dr. Carole Lieberman, celebrity psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls, consulted with and gave suggestions for the troubled mom, naming MTV’s reality show as the root cause for pushing the young mother overboard.

“The show should be cancelled,” Lieberman said. “They are in no psychological condition to be mothers, let alone celebrities.”

Now that Amber is in the hospital recovering from her suicide attempt, doctors suggest she and her family work together to ensure her personal safety.

“[She needs] intensive therapy without a doubt,” therapist Dr. Jenn Berman told us. “[She needs] individual therapy and maybe a support group for teen moms.”

Lieberman agreed, and added the troubled mom needs to be treated immediately with layered amount of care.

“She’s been spinning out of control for months. She needs…group therapy and psychiatric medication,” she explained, adding, “First she needs to be in a hospital setting, in a locked impatient unit. Then, after she improves is when she can have a stepped down level of care. After she improves significantly there, then she can go to outpatient therapy, from a daily basis to once a week. There’s nowhere else for her to go.”

Amber better get help, or this might happen again, warned Lieberman.

“She’s been crying out for help for a while now and no one has helped her,” Lieberman said. “It’s not a surprise it’s ending in a suicide, which will be successful next time without treatment.”

Berman also suggested her family and her baby’s father, Gary Shirley, lend their support to help her out.

“They need to be there for her and take care of her child,” she recommended. “They should support her so she can go to therapy–the emotional and physical support that we would all expect from our families.”

Odds are, the network will not cancel its second highest rated show, so Lieberman encouraged Amber to get off  Teen Mom — but warned being out of the spotlight could make it worse!

“What she needs to do is get off the reality show, which is actually a double-edged sword. On one hand, that’s how she could focus on psychotherapy and getting help,” she told us. “She has become SO addicted to the spotlight and being on the show. Being off the show might be a problem for her and might compound the problem,”

Did being on the show cause her to go to extremes? Yes, Lieberman confirmed.

“The show is horrendous,” Lieberman said. It glamorizes being a teenage mom and encourages them to be mothers. The more attention you get, the more outrageous you are. It encouraged her to become increasingly outrageous and self-destructive.”

So, BFFs, do YOU think Amber should quit the show? Sound off below!

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