'The Voice' Paychecks Revealed: Christina Makes A Whopping $225,000 Per Episode!

Thu, June 16, 2011 8:30pm EST by 13 Comments

Christina Aguilera makes more than double what Adam, Cee Lo and Blake are making on ‘The Voice’!

The newest take on a singing-competition reaity show, The Voice, takes four successful music artists and makes them coaches responsible for selecting aspiring singers to form their own teams. In order to compete with other reality shoes, NBC pulled out all the stops and selected a high profile panel of coaches, ( John Mayer was considered for the show) including Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera. Yet not all four of the stars are treated equally in terms of salary.

According to theThe Hollywood Reporter, Christina makes an astounding paycheck of more than $225,000 each episode, while her co-stars: Blake, Adam and CeeLo are making $75,000 per episode.

Not a measly paycheck by any means, but $150,000 less than Christina? Do you think that’s fair? She is a much bigger name than the other three, and it could be argued that she brought a good deal of fame to the show with her pop star status. It’s debatable though, whether or not there should be such a high discrepancy in the salaries of Christina vs. the boys.

While the show has been a great career-boost for each of these artists, the positive publicity has affected Christina at exactly the right time. Christina started on The Voice fresh off a messy divorce, an embarrassing lyrics flub while singing ‘The National Anthem’ at the Superbowl, and a drunk and disorderly conduct arrest.

Back in the spotlight for a much more positive reason, Christina is embracing the limelight, even collaborating with co-coach Adam Levine and his band, Maroon 5 on a song to premiere on next Tuesday’s episode of The Voice.

On the collaboration, Adam said: “We are excited to perform it for our fans on ‘The Voice’ this Tuesday and on the road this summer. The guys and I recorded this track in Los Angeles last month and it was great getting to work with Christina on it as well.”

The track, ‘Moves Like Jagger’ will also be available on iTunes next week.

With the show such a success, plans for a second installment are already underway, with reports already surfacing of more than double the amount of audition episodes in the second season.

Are you surprised to hear how much Christina makes? Do you think it makes sense that she’s making so much more than the other judges to essentially do the same job? Sound off below!

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Charles Manning

Posted at 6:10 AM on September 11, 2012  

Brittany is making $15mil for the X Factor and one of the other judges there is only making $1mil.

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D. Dean

Posted at 1:40 PM on August 3, 2012  

If There are 21 episodes of The Voice, so if Christina Aguilera makes $225,000, then she isn’t making the $10 million dollars per season, as reported. She making $4,725,000. And the reports that the guys are making $6,000,000 a year isn’t true either. IF they’re only making $75,000 per episode, they are only making $1,575,000 per season. Frankly, I think Blake Shelton’s losing money because he’s cut his concert schedule way back for the show. He and the other two guys should be making at least as much as Miss Snarky is making.

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Posted at 1:13 PM on February 10, 2012  

I also lost some respect for Christina on this show; but my reasons, at least my more pertinent ones, are due to the only partially hidden jealousy she shows towards other female talent where their voices may be very well be better than her own. And this is not a personal opinion or delusion; I have been sure to ask others, both male and female, and have received similar reports of coldness and jealousy on Christina’s part during certain performances by female vocalists. I do understand this psychologically, but still, there is no place for it, especially with Christina playing the part that she does in the show and as a famous world-renowned artist. Graciousness and a sense of (real and honest) humility in the presence of other amazing talent is a virtue, Christina.

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Posted at 9:40 AM on January 8, 2012  

Her clothing style sucks. she needs to cover up her body! Her bit*** image makes me sick, makes me wanna vomit. But her vocal gymnastic amazes me!

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Posted at 11:51 AM on September 5, 2011  

It s not her fault. if u swans blame someone, blame the one who pays her.

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Posted at 9:48 PM on July 14, 2011  

I lOve Christina but i dont think she should get paid more than Blake, Adam, and Cee Lo… I get that she is more popular but still to make that much more is an exxaggeration. She does have a tough job being around the guys and its not easy… But to get paid 3 times as much is outrageous…!

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Posted at 1:16 PM on June 24, 2011  

I wouldn’t have started watching the show if it didn’t have Christina, so it’s not a stretch for me to think that she brought in three times as many viewers (three times as much advertising value) as each of the other three judges.

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Posted at 11:10 AM on June 17, 2011  

I don’t think its right that she makes more then the others but as we all witness every day sex sells and that’s what she represents – in my opinion she should be paid less and I wouldn’t miss her if she was gone but I would miss CeeLo especially – he adds a lot to the show – Christina is all about herself and squeezing into too small outfits and making all her comments sexual in some respect. Awwwwww, can’t stand her but I do like the show so I watch.

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Posted at 2:53 PM on June 18, 2011  

You’re a prude. Christina has the right to wear whatever she wants and say whatever she wants. As far as what she represents goes- she represents confidence, talent, AND sexuality. There’s nothing wrong with that. it’s not her fault if the puritans of society can’t accept that.

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D. Dean

Posted at 1:44 PM on August 3, 2012  

Not a matter of Puritans, it’s a matter of how insecure she is that she has to uses her over-sized rear and boobs to get attention. She can’t bear it if the spotlight isn’t on her.

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Posted at 5:12 AM on June 17, 2011  

A whopping $225,000.00 before taxes, not as whopping as it sounds.

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Posted at 9:02 AM on June 22, 2011  

That IS whopping, especially for only 2 hours of their time??!?!?!

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Posted at 9:32 AM on July 1, 2011  

Oh well just saw the latest article that all four will return.
It was too good to be true.

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