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Casey Anthony Claims She Was Molested By Her Brother AND Her Father!

Thu, June 16, 2011 4:46pm EDT by 37 Comments

Casey’s brother Lee even took a DNA test to find out if he was the father of her murdered two-year-old daughter Caylee — and the result came back NEGATIVE!

Casey Anthony‘s defense team took over the Florida courtroom on Thursday, June 16, and launched into a furious battle over the issue of Caylee‘s paternity.

The 25-year-old has already accused her father George of sexually abusing her, claims he has vehemently denied. Now the finger is being pointed at her brother Lee as well.

In court on June 16, FBI techncian Heather Seubert was asked if she conducted a paternity test on Caylee, during the investigation into her murder. Seubert testified that Lee and Casey’s ex-fiancee Jesse Grund had both been tested and both were found NOT to be the toddler’s father.

The question angered the prosecution who objected loudly, prompting a clash between opposing teams. Things got so heated Judge Belvin Perry removed the jury from the room before chastising both sides, saying, “All I’m gonna say is this: I don’t have a hearing problem. The amplification of questions, objections, I don’t need.”

Heather Seubert was also called on to testify that the only DNA found on duct tape discovered with Caylee’s body belonged to a forensic investigator. When asked by the defense how none of Casey’s DNA was found with the tape, Seubert explained that it could have been degraded or decayed during the six months Caylee’s body lay undiscovered.

It’s still unknown if the defense will call Casey Anthony herself to the witness stand to testify. If she’s found guilty of the first degree murder of her daughter, Casey faces a possible death sentence.

— Ian Garland

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