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Should You Ever Confront A Potential Man Thief Like Jen Aniston May Have Done To Angelina Jolie?

Thu, June 16, 2011 12:11pm EDT by 16 Comments

If you’re sure a woman is trying to take your guy, do you say something or keep your mouth shut and suffer?

Although in Hollywood terms (which are a bit like dog years), it’s ancient history by now, we’re all still fascinated by the love triangle that is comprised of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. The trifecta recently got even more interesting: according to a new report, Jen actually fought to save her relationship and confronted Angelina! Is this something you should ever try at home?

Star magazine claims that the mild-mannered former Friends star made an uncharacteristically bold move by phoning up ‘the other woman’ and admonishing her for ‘befriending’ a married man. “She told Angelina to stay the hell away from her husband,” a source says, adding that Jen warned Angie that what she was doing with Brad was “inappropriate.”

Angelina reportedly denied that anything untoward was going on.

Whether or not Jen actually had the guts to confront the man-eating Angelina is still up for debate, but should you ever pull sucha  move?

Although you might think this makes me a bit weak, I wouldn’t advise it. Even if your guy is cheating, it’s going to make you look like a crazy person for calling up his mistress and demanding she stop seeing your boyfriend. Guess what? She isn’t going to. She already knows what she’s doing is wrong, and is doing it anyway. However, if you believe she genuinely didn’t know about you — perhaps he was lying to her, too — then you should absolutely say something, and a phone call would be the best way. Don’t leave a paper trail, and don’t leave phone messages, either.

If the above story is true, what did Jen have to gain by telling Angelina to stay away? A woman like Angie eats women like Jen for breakfast. If she wanted Brad, she was having Brad, her then Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star. There was no way she couldn’t have known he was married, either, as photos of the golden couple were splashed across the front of every magazine from People to Time as the celebrity wedding of the century.

If you only think he’s cheating, don’t say anything. Wait for the evidence to mount, and then when you know, confront him. The other woman isn’t the person you love, or who you trust. You should be talking to the person who’s betraying you, not the one who has no personal investment in you, and, thus, doesn’t care about your feelings. Blame the guy who’s breaking your heart.


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