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Anthony Weiner Screwed Up But Might Be Able To Save His Marriage To Huma Abedin, Say The Love Consultants!

Thu, June 16, 2011 10:01am EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments asked professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal if Anthony Weiner has any hope of rescuing his marriage from the depths of the scandal.

Do they think Weiner has a chance to repair his relationship? Now that he’s resigning, their relationship might stand a chance!

Matt’s Take:

Yet another high-profile scandal hit the news, as our own New York City Congressman Anthony Weiner was outed as lying about his intricate labyrinth of sexting pretty women nationwide. Not only were pictures of his gray boxer-brief hugging manhood exposed, elaborate exchanges between himself and random liberal groupies has been printed for all the world to see. What does his blatant disregard for his wife, Huma Abedin, and public persona mean for his barely 11-month marriage? Can it be saved?

Despite the massive public and personal embarrassment, I believe that their marriage is salvageable with the requisite visit to an in-treatment facility, paired with intense couples therapy.  There’s a long history of famous married couples, who have weathered similar storms and were able to move forward in a healthy union. Aside from the potential demise of his political career, what is also questionable is his young marriage’s future. While Weiner’s Internet liaisons didn’t actually come to fruition in the physical sense, can his wife, a highly successful, yet private individual, ever trust and forgive his brazen indiscretions?

Men in power and cheating go hand-in-hand, especially when the said man was most likely a skinny, socially-awkward nerd in high school, who could only dream of getting the hot cheerleader to even look his way on purpose. In his position, Weiner elicited much attention and support from left-leaning groupies. They contacted and friended him to express their gratitude for standing up for shared political beliefs and to comment that he looked hot doing so on a public platform.  The temptation to respond to these political-minded babes would be challenging for the most faithful, scrupulous man. The excitement of receiving this attention as well as the “safety” and ease of doing so via keyboard, proved to be Weiner’s downfall. The thrill superseded the potential consequences, and now he has to pay for it both professionally and possibly personally.  The humiliation will cease when another public figure gets caught with his pants down. He might not have a chance to become Mayor of New York City, but he will have a lot more time on his hands to focus on making his marriage work.

Tamsen’s Take:

Representative Anthony Weiner finally admitted that he’s been a very 
bad boy behind his computer screen, destroying both his marriage and
 his reputation in the process. So far, his embarrassed better-half,
 wife Huma Abedin is standing by her randy man – but her brave faced
 support seems to be wearing thin as even more sordid details continue 
to emerge.

The key damage to their relationship is his lying. He didn’t just lie, 
he spun a huge web of lies, blaming it all on a phantom hacker that
 didn’t exist. For shame. Truly. What he was accusing this false hacker
 of was a highly illegal act, can you imagine, this man’s job is to
 uphold ethics and fight for his constituents, how can he be trusted?

Then you must factor in how he has failed as a husband. His default in his 
relationship was to lie as well, his ego and deceit seems to know no
 bounds and its most tragic victim is his wife.

As I’ve said before cheating or infidelity is caused by communication 
breakdown, yet it’s also an act of total selfishness that destroys the
 sacred trust, very often forever. If someone cheated once, wouldn’t
 they do so again? Plus you must factor in his lying in the beginning
 of the scandal. He not only lied to Huma, he lied to the people he 
swore to serve and protect. Anthony Weiner needs to vanish from public life and focus on saving his ruined 
marriage, but I feel it’s unlikely a smart and respectable woman like
 his wife will put up with his despicable character.

He really blew it, all for a cheap thrill.

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