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Selena Gomez Admits: I Love Junk Food, Which Made Me Malnourished!

Wed, June 15, 2011 9:12pm EDT by 10 Comments

Selena Gomez says her obsession with sugar and fast food (like In-N-Out Burger) is what landed her in the hospital last week, so now her mom is watching her like a hawk!

Selena Gomez freaked all of us out June 9 when she checked into the hospital for more than 24 hours after suffering from exhaustion and malnutrition. However, the 18-year-old starlet says she’s not going to let that happen again because her mom is making sure she doesn’t stuff her face with her favorite thing to eat: junk food!

“I do eat,” she said on Kidd Kraddick’s radio show in Texas June 15. “The problem is I don’t eat right. I love everything that’s possibly not good for me.”

Fortunately, Selena’s mom (who she refers to as her “Supermom”) is making sure she stays healthy and isn’t letting her get away without all of her essentials.

“She’s definitely shoving vitamins down my mouth and following me around,” Selena explained. “But at the same time, I was a stubborn kid, so I got to eat whatever I wanted. I have to have creamed spinach or cheese on my broccoli. I have to have something that makes it not healthy.”

She continued, “I love M&Ms, Kit Kats, Snickers and Goobers at the movies.”

Plus, reported exclusively Selena ate things like French Toast, ice cream and chocolate during her vacation to Canada with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Thankfully, our favorite Disney darling is on the mend and feels almost 100% better since her hospital stay.

“I’m good now, thank you,” she said. “I’m so much better.”

Good for you, Selena! Now stay away from all those processed foods and explore some healthier options!

Kirstin Benson

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