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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott Discovers A Dangerous Enemy & Stiles Remains Awkward

Tue, June 14, 2011 12:13am EDT by 1 Comment

Plus, Scott and Allison manage to have their first normal date… sort of.

Apparently in the rules of werewolf dating, first base is making out… and second base is murder. That’s what we learned during the opening scene of Teen Wolf on June 13, as Scott (Tyler Posey) lost control during a nighttime rendezvous with Allison (Crystal Reed) — in a school bus of all places. Scott had a rage blackout the minute things got hot and heavy, resulting in one seriously damaged school bus, and one seriously bloody Allison.

Fortunately Scott woke up in his bed and decided it had all been a terrible nightmare… or was it? He and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) discovered that the bus in question was, in fact, all busted up — only the person who was injured wasn’t Allison. It was Mr. Myers… the bus driver!

Stiles remained my favorite character on the show this week by managing to reach new levels of awkwardness, and I’m not even talking about his inability to communicate with Lydia (Holland Roden.) No, apparently his teenage insecurity is so intense that he had to ask Scott why the show’s gay character, Danny (Keahu Kahuanui), doesn’t find him attractive. “Am I not attractive to gay guys?” he shouted… in the hallway… at the top of his lungs.

Equally confused, though about an entirely different topic, Scott approached Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) for some answers about the previous night. Derek explained that returning to the scene of the incident and encountering blood would trigger some of Scott’s memories, but when Scott “remembered” that Derek was also present for the attack, he quickly turned on him.

After an intense moonlit battle — which was oddly reminiscent of the one between Edward and what’s-his-face at the end of Twilight, though I don’t like to admit I saw that movie — Derek dropped a surprising nugget of truth: He wasn’t the werewolf who attacked Mr. Myers in the bus. In fact, he’s also not the werewolf who bit Scott. As it turns out, there’s a more dangerous — and way more powerful — Alpha werewolf who’s got his sights set on Scott.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have our official big bad of season one.

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