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'Bachelorette' Recap: Ashley Hebert Tries To Move On, But She's Still Hung Up On Bentley!

Tue, June 14, 2011 2:55am EDT by 3 Comments

Bachelorette Ashley whisks the guys away to Phuket, Thailand for a fresh start after Bentley broke her heart! Plus JP gets jealous! Read full recap here.

We all watched last week’s cringeworthy episode in horror as Bachelorette bad boy Bentley Williams smashed Ashley Hebert’s dreams of finding love on reality television to pieces while belittling her behind her back. This week on June 13 Ashley took the remainder of her potential suiters across the world to Phuket, Thailand in an attempt to forget about the “one who got away” and focus on finding her husband in the bachelors that were still vying for her heart.

Even in the beautiful Thai scenery, there was still an evident damper on the 26-year-old Bachelorette’s mood. Her first one-on-one date was with quiet guy Constantine Tzortizis who is a 30-year-old restaurant owner from Atlanta. The weather prevented them from taking the exotic date she had planned, so the couple improvised and spent the day exploring the local setting of Phuket. While Constantine was all smiles about being a million miles away from reality, Ashley couldn’t help being haunted by Bentley’s memory. At dinner she confessed that she was starting to open up to him, but was insecure about whether or not he felt the same way. He assured he that he only had good intentions and secured himself a rose.

The group date started out with the guys giving back and repainting a local orphanage. In the group setting, first-impression rose winner Ryan Park started ruffling feathers by exercising his over-enthusiastic leadership abilities. One of our favorite contenders JP Rosenbaum was a little stand-offish during the date because his feelings for Ashley are genuine and jealousy was starting to eat away at him.

After the guys finished their philanthropic deed, they cleaned up for a more romantic end to their big day out. JP confessed his desire for more one-on-one time and wooed Ashley off her feet after a steamy make-out session, causing other guys to notice that the two were developing a closer bond. Personal trainer Nick Peterson made quite the impression on Ashley with his smoking hot physique and made his competition squirm as she swooned over his big muscles. Ryan caused more tension when he interrupted Ashley from giving away the date rose to swoop her off for some more alone time. Ultimately, Ashley realized she had an unknown connection with winemaker Ben Flajnik and awarded him with the group date rose.

The last date was a one-on-one with intellectual superpower Ames Brown who went to Yale, Columbia, and is pursuing a third degree from Harvard University. Ames hadn’t made much of an impression in a group setting, but Ashley was shocked at how charming and funny he was throughout their romantic kayaking trip through a rocky Thai enclave. He wowed her with his tales of worldly travel and made her laugh with his nerdy sense of humor. Even throughout the intimate dinner portion he took control of the conversation and proved to Ashley that he deserved a rose.

After the dates, Ashley confided to host Chris Harrison that she regained her lost faith in the idea she could find love but confessed she is still hung up over Bentley. It seems like almost every five minutes Ashley was saying something along the lines of “I see potential, but I can’t stop thinking of Bentley,” or “I’m just afraid he will be another Bentley.” No matter how much she said she was looking for a fresh start in Thailand and was focusing 100% on the remaining bachelors, it was evident that she was still mooning over Bentley.

It was hard not to start getting annoyed with her because there are so many great guys with honest intentions who she isn’t giving enough of her attention to. She kept telling Chris that her “woman’s intuition” told her Bentley was “the one” and that she was “dead set” on him from the beginning. Because she was so confused and flustered with her feeling she asked if she could have one extra rose because she didn’t want to send the right guy home due to her duress.

During the cocktail party, Blake Julian confronted Ryan about his over-zealous behavior that was driving the guys crazy and Ryan seemed genuinely shocked that his housemates disliked him. He told Ashley that his jubilant attitude wasn’t an act and she decided that he had the potential to bring out the best in her. Ryan is attractive and extremely successful, but is starting to seem a little fake. In the end, Ashley sent lawyer West Lee home because she felt that she would never be able to fill his dead wife’s shoes. This was a bit sad since West was really cute and seemed very honest when he said he wasn’t looking to replace his wife but rather take another shot at love. In the limo ride home it seemed like he truly was open to giving his heart away for the first time after his wife’s passing.

The remaining guys seem nice and genuine for the most part, but do you find it less interesting without Bentley’s snide commentary and Jeff Medolla’s absurd mask-wearing stint? Do you hope that Ashley stops pining over Bentley? Next week’s preview hints that Bentley is coming to stir things up in Asia … but why would he fly across the country for a girl he proclaimed is an “ugly duckling”?

Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode of the Bachelorette! Do you think that she made the right decision in sending West home?

Nicole Fukuoka

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