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Selena Gomez’s Serious Health Issues Explained By Top Doctor!

Mon, June 13, 2011 10:55am EDT by HL Intern 13 Comments

Poor Selena was rushed to the hospital Thursday and reports of her distressing symptoms include headaches, nausea and blood pressure issues. What could be wrong?

While it’s extremely hard for any doctor but Selena‘s to make a diagnosis, spoke to top NYC neurologist, Dr. Dexter Sun, at NY Presbyterian Hospital/ Cornell Weill Medical College, about what could possibly be wrong with the 18-year-old.

Based on the reported symptoms, there are three possibilities, says Dr. Sun. “If Selena is suffering from high blood pressure, it could be triggered by persistent stress, but that is unusual but not unheard of in an 18-year-old,” he explains.

Secondly, high blood pressure can be the result of some kind of renal (kidney) problem. There could be an infection or one of many different types of kidney disease, he says.

Third — and this is extremely rare — there could be a tumor in the adrenal gland, he adds.

In any case — “increased blood pressure can cause nausea and headache,” says Dr. Sun. “If it’s really high, doctors will need to reduce it with medication. She needs to be monitored. It would be dangerous to let her participate in activities” like concerts and television appearances. And if the high blood pressure is caused by stress, it won’t be reduced in just a day or two. Changes in her lifestyle will take time to have an effect on her health.

As to why Selena may have spent the entire weekend in the hospital and may be there still, Dr. Sun says that’s exactly what would be the required protocol.

Her doctors would definitely want to keep her in the hospital to observe her and do very detailed blood tests, to determine what is causing the blood pressure issue,” Dr. Sun explained.

As for whether food poisoning could be the cause of Selena’s troubles! Dr. Sun says that food poisoning can both increase or decrease blood pressure.

In any case — everyone at wishes Selena well and hopefully she’s already on the mend!

— Bonnie Fuller

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