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Casey Anthony Trial: Did Caylee's Killer Place a Heart-Shaped Sticker Over Her Duct-Taped Mouth?

Mon, June 13, 2011 4:12pm EDT by Add first Comment

As Casey’s first degree murder trial moves into its fourth week, prosecutors are wrapping up with compelling evidence.

When 2-year-old Caylee Anthony‘s skull was found in the woods near the Anthony family home, it had duct tape wrapped around it. The examiner initially found adhesive residue of a heart-shaped sticker on the outside of the tape — so what does it mean?

While the toddler’s cause of death was forensically indeterminable, prosecutors are suggesting that she died from suffocation via the duct tape, already been found to be consistent with tape in the Anthony’s garage. The sticker also links the murder to Casey, or at least the family’s home, since investigators found a page of similar stickers with some missing while conducting a search of their home.

“It was approximately the size of a dime,” said Elizabeth Fontaine, a physical scientist and forensic examiner. “If you were to wear a band-aid for an extended period of time, and then take it off, there would be glue residue and debris. That’s what this looked like, but in the shape of a heart.”

Sadly, one important factor is missing from the evidence: fingerprints! After decomposing outside for so long, the duct tape showed no signs of Caylee’s killer. “Fingerprints are fragile,” testified Fontaine. “It’s not surprising that there were none.”

Defense attorney Jose Baez isn’t buying the sticker idea — He asked Fontaine, “When you examined it a second time, it was gone, is that correct?” She replied, “It was no longer visible.”

Casey’s defense claims that Caylee drowned accidentally in the swimming pool, followed by a month long cover-up by Casey and her father, George Anthony. This story, in addition to the young mother’s constant lying, is backed-up by the accusation that George molested his daughter since the age of eight.

If convicted, Casey faces the death penalty. What do you think the heart-shaped sticker indicates? Sound off below!

–Brooke Peoples