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'Sister Wives' Family Almost Evicted After Nasty Neighbors Complain: Plus Are They Broke?

Fri, June 10, 2011 10:44am EDT by Chloe Melas 25 Comments

Kody Brown is struggling financially and fighting anti-polygamy neighbors in new hometown Las Vegas — Is the family’s move a disaster?

Kody and his four wives are in trouble! has a shocking new report that one of their Las Vegas neighbors tried to evict one of his wives. Not only is this incredibly sad, but imagine how much turmoil their children have already been put through!

“It was pure prejudice,” Kody said. “A neighbor tried to have one of my wives evicted.”

Kody wouldn’t reveal whether it was Meri, Janelle, Christine or Robyn — but he did go on to add that their hardships don’t stop there.

“We’ve had people that yell at us out of a window of a car while we’re walking on the street.”

This is just awful! Kody and his wives left Utah after they were being investigated for polygamy by the District Attorney. We watched some of their journey on season two of Sister Wives but after their potluck dinner with a few neighbors, we thought everything would be just fine.

It’s not just the blatant discrimination from some of their Las Vegas neighbors — they are struggling to make ends meat!

“We are working on a family business but right now we’re living off Kody’s retirement,” says Kody’s fourth and newly pregnant wife Robyn. “It’s a challenge to start over again.”

But despite all of their difficulties, a source close to the family tells that things are working themselves out.

“They are adjusting beautifully. Just a bump in the road. And a minor one at that.”

Do you think moving to Las Vegas was the worst possible decision for the Brown’s and their 16 kids?

— Chloe Melas