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Ian Says: Baby Callum Is Six Months Old! Where Has The Time Gone?

Fri, June 10, 2011 5:02pm EDT by Add first Comment

It seems like only five minutes ago that we brought him home from the hospital — and half a year has passed already!

The fragile little bag of bones I cradled in my arms when he was just minutes old, is now a sturdy, chunky little monkey!

He’s more than doubled in size! He was 7lbs and 20 inches long at birth. At his six month doctors check-up this week he measured up at 17lbs 14oz and 27 inches!

But that’s hardly surprising. In the last six months he’s graduated from sipping on breast milk to munching down on mouthfuls of apples, pears, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and anything we dangle in front of his face.

Those first squeaks are now loud gabbles, babbles, squeals and squawks.

Callum could barely keep his eyes open when we first brought him home, let alone focus on his surroundings. Now he flirts, laughs and follows us around the room.

I can remember when a kick or wiggle was a big deal. Now it’s a challenge to keep him still. He rolls and lunges around the floor, and motors around our apartment in his walker, squealing with delight as he bashes through any obstacle he finds in his path.

Callum’s not the only person who’s changed in the last six months. Fatherhood has totally rewired me.

I’ve learned how to function on next-to-no sleep and forgotten what it was like to have time to myself. But, more importantly, my whole outlook on life has adjusted.

I used to put myself first. Now there’s a little person who needs me, far more than I need me.

It’s been the most amazing, extraordinary six months of my life. Never have I encountered so many highs and lows. I say lows because the rollercoaster of emotions and new experiences that all new parents encounter isn’t a smooth ride.

But the highs are the important bit and they’re daily and start the moment I lock eyes with the giggling little baby who’s just woken me up at 5am!

And I wouldn’t change any of it. The first six months have just wet my appetite for the next round of ‘firsts’ I can’t wait to share with him.

His first crawl, his first tooth, his first word (proper word) and his first steps, are all still to come.

Hope you can share them with us too!

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— Ian Garland

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