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Former BFFs Sarah Palin & Elisabeth Hasselbeck Are No Longer Speaking! What Happened?

Thu, June 9, 2011 9:11pm EDT by 5 Comments

An insider says Sarah Palin isn’t returning Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s calls anymore — so Elisabeth started blasting her on ‘The View!’

Both Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are no strangers to enemies, but apparently the former dynamic duo have now turned on each other! Although Elisabeth was one of Sarah’s biggest supporters in the 2008 campaign, an insider says the outspoken BFFs are no longer speaking and now Elisabeth continuously bashes Sarah — a likely presidential candidate in 2012 — on The View.

“If I had termites in my house, I’d get someone in there who could deal with it,” Elisabeth said recently on her hit talk show. “Mitt Romney, right now, his specialty is the economy. I’d have him in there. Here’s why we’re not hearing it: because Sarah Palin’s on a bus, and right now she’s manipulating, in terms of media attention.”

So why the sudden change of heart? According to one of Elisabeth’s friends, she’s upset Sarah hasn’t returned her calls in months.

“I think Elisabeth is a good friend. She remembers birthdays and even with a busy schedule always takes time to stay in touch with her girlfriends,” the insider told PopEater‘s Rob Shuter. “But Sarah has let her down. Elisabeth has reached out to her several times but she never responds.”

The friend added, “Elisabeth feels used by Sarah. When she needed her, she was all over Elisabeth and now she treats her like a stranger. It’s sad.”

With a potential campaign looming in the near future, we can only imagine Sarah will try to rekindle her friendship with Elisabeth. After all, the potential GOP candidate could certainly use the positive attention from Elisabeth, who has the attention of millions of viewers every morning on The View.

Kirstin Benson