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Alexandra Says: I Am Pregnant & Ringless — Just Like Everyone Else In NYC!

Thu, June 9, 2011 4:42pm EDT by 8 Comments

Have you ever seen the multitude of pregnant women in New York City with something obviously absent on their ring finger? Well, I’m one of them.

In my pre-pregnancy ignorance, I assumed these diamond-less, bumpy women were just a significant amount of unwed mothers-to-be in the city. Until I found myself in my third trimester and completely ringless, like one of those pregnant women I had previously judged in my youth.

As it turns out, once you get further along in your pregnancy, you not only gain weight, but you retain water and bloat significantly to the point where your extremities swell.  I always heard about your feet changing size, but never your hands!!  Even my chin got fat!!

My husband wondered why it looked like the bow of a ship on my face!  I had gained a substantial amount of weight during my pregnancy and was over the 25-35lbs “recommended” amount months before I was due, so why would it come as a surprise when my wedding rings no longer fit? Well, it did, and I wear three!!

First, it was my plain wedding band that went, after my finger started to resemble that of an extremely cinched waist. Then my diamond band started to fit snugly against my plump appendage. And finally, with much reservation, my engagement ring was laid to rest.

As time went on, even the tan line on my finger began to fade, erasing any sign that it once had anything resembling a ring on it.  Until finally, there I was pregnant and ringless, while other unknowledgeable strangers judged me for thinking I was one of those unwed pregnant ladies.

–Alexandra Osipow

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