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Kellan Lutz Loves Arm-Wrestling K-Stew As A Vampire In 'Breaking Dawn'!

Wed, June 8, 2011 1:20pm EDT by 2 Comments

Kellan Lutz reveals one of his favorite scene in ‘Breaking Dawn’ occurs when Bella is a vampire! What is your favorite Bella vampire scene?

One of the most exciting things we’ll see in Breaking Dawn is Kristen Stewart‘s transformation into a vampire after Bella gives birth to Renesmee. Kristen’s costar Kellan Lutz was also excited about her change, because he got to arm-wrestle Bella as Emmett Cullen.

“I really had an amazing time shooting the arm-wrestling scene with Kristen,” Kellan told MTV’s Hollywood Crush. “It’s great seeing her take on the vampire character of Bella. Arm wrestling her and seeing her all brooding and [acting] tough, it was fun.”

Kellan joked that Kristen hurt his arm calling her a “strong girl.”

When Bella transforms into a vampire, she has more strength than the other vampires since she is a newborn. Emmett teases Bella bout her sex life with Edward so she challenges him to an arm-wrestling contest. It will be hilarious to see little Kristen Stewart take down burly Kellan in the film!

What do you think will be your favorite scene with Bella as a vampire? When she meets Renesmee? When she realizes her powers? When she goes hunting with Edward? When she smells Jacob for the first time? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil