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Bret Lockett Says Kim Kardashian Is Lying About Not Cheating On Kris With Him! Who Do You Believe?

Wed, June 8, 2011 5:56pm EDT by 3 Comments

Kim Kardashian has threatened to sue InTouch magazine and Bret Lockett for their claims she cheated on Kris Humphries with the NFL star, but Bret says all of his allegations are correct and he has evidence!

InTouch magazine’s cover story claims Kim Kardashian has been having a five month affair with NFL star Bret Lockett while dating new fiance Kris Humphries. Kim has threatened legal action against both the magazine and Bret telling E! Online “This is absolutely not true. I have no idea who this person is.” Bret responded by talking to TMZ and saying he’s not scared of Kim suing because “all the allegations are correct and all the facts are in place.”

“I mean, to be honest with you guys, it really doesn’t bother me [that Kim might sue] because when all the allegations are correct and all the facts are in place, it’s nothing to bother me at all. For her to say that, I mean, I’m actually not shocked that she said that, but at the end of the day, I know what it is and if she wants to go ahead and pursue with those actions, then that’s not a problem with me,” said Bret.

TMZ then asks “Where did you actually see her and hook up with her?” and the New England Patriots player responded: “What me and Kim do is what me and Kim do. All that other stuff is irrelevant and, I mean, it’s all he-said, she-said stuff. Everybody’s just ear hustling and wanting to know what it is, but at the end of the day, Kim knows what happened and I know what happened so, I mean Kim can deny this all she wants, but if she wants to go the legal route and start recalling text messages and conversations and pictures and all of that, then that’s not a problem.”

Kim’s lawyer Dennis A. Roach says, “For the record, none of the facts…are accurate,” but Bret is still sticking by his story that he and Kim had an emotional but not physical relationship. Do you believe Bret or do you think he’s making it up?

Lorena O’Neil