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'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert's Desperate Attempt To Win Bentley Williams Back! Oh No!

Wed, June 8, 2011 10:00am EDT by 5 Comments

A secret reunion in Hong Kong was Ashley’s ploy to try to convince the bad boy that she’s the one!

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert was completely destroyed when playboy Bentley Williams said goodbye to her on the June 6 episode — to the point where she almost left the show herself. But she decided to stay — all the while pining over Bentley and begging the producers to convince him to come back. Well on April 11, Ashley prayers were answered when she found out that Bentley had flown to Hong Kong for a reunion. Only she still didn’t know that he considered her an “ugly duckling” next to Emily Maynard — and was using and fooling her once again!

“Ashley wanted a second chance with Bentley, so she begged producers to get him on the phone and get him on a plane out to see her,” a show insider tells Life & Style magazine. “She couldn’t stop thinking about him after he left her.”

When Bentley said goodbye to Ashley, he lied to her telling her that he had to leave because his young daughter Cozy needed him at home. Ashley had no idea that he was actually leading her on. “Part of her thought if she saw him again in person — while she was composed and not hysterically crying — that she would be able to express her feelings more clearly and maybe even get him to stay,” explains the insider.

Ashley had no clue about Bentley’s evil intentions. And the reason Bentley jumped on to a plane to travel 7,000 miles to Hong Kong was not in fact to see Ashley, but to get a free week vacation, a friend of Bentley’s says.

The second — and main reason — Bentley traveled to Hong Kong was to promote his career and not to find love. “He wants to be a millionaire and get lots of fame,” another Bentley ally notes. And “he said she was not at all pretty in person. He also said that she went after him and was very aggressive, and it freaked him out because he found her such a turnoff. He just trashes her anytime he can.”

But the reunion didn’t go as Ashley planned. It only lasted about ONE hour! “Clearly she was worried and having a really hard time with all the emotions,” the show source shares. “Bentley’s visit stopped Ashley from having a good time with any of the other guys. She shouldn’t have invited him back in the first place, but she was still under his spell.”

Bentley succeeds in pulling one over on Ashley again. Only today as she watches the episodes and finally gets to see how badly he trash talked her does Ashley realize that it wasn’t meant to be with Bentley.

And now Ashley confirms, “I’m happy with the way things turned out for me.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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