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'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Kianna Contemplates Adoption And Has Labor Complications!

Wed, June 8, 2011 2:59am EDT by 1 Comment

A dedicated student has to decide whether adoption or parenting will provide the best future for her and her baby.

Kianna loved football and the high school social scene just like every other teenager in the small Texas town she was raised in. All that changed when she fell in love with a football player from a different school and found herself 16 and pregnant just months after they started dating.

Kianna’s mother’s number one fear was that her daughter would follow in her footsteps and become a pregnant teen. Because Kianna knew the sacrifices she would have to make to raise a baby at 17, she originally considered terminating the pregnancy but then decided that adoption may be the best way to ensure that she and her baby have the futures they deserve. Kianna was a motivated student with plans to pursue college to earn a veterinary license and knew that trying to accomplish her dreams with a baby in tow would be a difficult task.

But Kianna’s boyfriend Zak was strongly opposed to the idea of putting up his unborn son for adoption because he was raised without a father and wanted to be an active part of his baby’s life. At only 15-years-old Zak had no car, job, or plan to help support Kianna, but he was still able to convince her that parenting was the best route to go.

The young couple had only 130 dollars saved up when Kianna started experiencing complications with her pregnancy. The doctors determined that Kianna was at risk for preeclampsia, a condition that causes high blood presssure and protein build up in urine for pregnant women, so they decided to induce labor. After 17 hours without any progress they had to do an emergency C-section to make sure that the baby was delivered safely.

Once reality hit that raising a baby with a 15-year-old father would be harder than she expected, Kianna started to doubt her abilities to keep up with school and care for her son Kay’den. Zak wasn’t around to help much because he relied on his mom for transportation and was really only there to help Kianna on the weekends.

Although he ultimately convinced Kianna to keep the baby, Zak didn’t give up football or prioritize finding a job to help pay for his son. With neither teen employed, the financial responsibility fell on Kianna’s mother who was struggling to make ends meet even before the baby came. Even though Kianna was already stretched thin with school work and mommy duties, she continues to look for a job so she can pay back the money she owes her mother. Despite all the hardship and drastic changes in her life, Kianna said she does not regret choosing to raise Kay’den and still aspires to make it to college and become a veterinarian.

I was really impressed with Kianna’s reasons for considering adoption and wish that she would have given it more thought and not have been so swayed by her boyfriend’s opinion. I understand that both kids grew up without dads and that they desperately want the “ideal” family for their son, but when a baby is adopted it has a mother and father who love it as their own with the emotional and fiscal means to support him or her. I think that the couple’s age and unrealistic expectations played a huge factor in their decision not to give up their baby for adoption and that they should have at least done more research in what that route could have offered them and their son. I kept hoping that her mother would intervene and really explain to her the difficulties of the task she was about to take on.

I thought the episode was a very accurate portrayal of two teens with the best intentions of making a better life for their baby then they had, who end up beingshocked by the reality of how hard it is to raise a newborn when they are still kids themselves. I couldn’t imagine trying to juggle being a mother and getting into college when my support system isn’t even old enough to drive a car. I hope that despite her struggles, Kianna will be able to persevere and make it to veterinary school.

Tell us what you thought of Kianna’s episode. Do you think she made the right decision by keeping Kay’den? Or should she have listened to her gut and put him up for adoption?

Nicole Fukuoka

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