Should You Stick With Your Man If He Has Exhibitionist Issues Like Andrew Weiner?

Tue, June 7, 2011 12:01pm EST by 5 Comments

Should Huma Abedin stay with her risque photo-sending husband or walk away from their marriage?

Rep. Andrew Weiner has been leading a secret double life. By day he is a proper, law-abiding Congressman of New York. But at night, he lets his kinky side out to play, using the Internet to sent strangers risque photos of himself. Now that his exhibitionist side has been outed, should his wife, Human Abedin, stick faithfully by his side?

Yesterday, the House Democrat admitted to sending improper photos to random women on the ‘net; there were six separate incidents in three years. But he wasn’t just flashing and running, oh no. Weiner was getting ‘involved’ with these women online. Although it is assumed he hadn’t actually met any of them in person, he is definitely emotionally cheating on his beautiful wife by contacting said women over and over again.

The Congressman got caught when Meagan Broussard, a 26-year-old nurse from Texas, decided to come forward with her story after being sent a flurry of increasingly sexual photos over Twitter — including one of Weiner’s weiner, so to speak.

We know he’s got exhibitionist problems, and likes women to be impressed with his body and power. But should his wife stick around waiting for him to change?

Andrew Weiner definitely has issues, and he definitely needs psychological help. He needs to see a therapist and find out what makes him not only crave but actually need the sexual attention of strangers (it might have something to do with his past self, a former geek. He still hasn’t completely grown out of that insecurity).

It could be worse — he could have been physically cheating on Huma. As it is, sending naked photos of yourself online is weird and kinky, but not 100% detrimental to the marriage if you don’t intend to do something about it or take it any further. Huma should demand her husband get help, and if she loves him, I wouldn’t blame her for staying by his side.

After all, as Meagan Broussard told ABC News,”He’s got issues, just like everybody else.”


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Posted at 9:48 PM on June 10, 2011  

Those who are saying she should leave are either heartbroken women or possessive women who create a jail of sorts around their men and make their life miserable.

I mean you quit your marriage for what? posting a pic of your wanker online?

I would say this media sells other peoples humiliation to win their own bread and exploits other people’s private lives to get rich in life by typing some garbage in the middle of a web page and adveretisements surrounding those. And then we find out Huma was more embarrased and shamed than others because she would not leave her husband. I say all of you are freakin homewreckers.

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Posted at 1:53 PM on June 7, 2011  

This was all very interesting and informative, but who’s ANDREW Weiner? And when did he become a congressman?

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Posted at 1:55 PM on June 7, 2011  

This site is written by (and presumably for) idiots!

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Posted at 9:42 PM on June 10, 2011  

What is a genius doing here , then?

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Posted at 1:49 PM on June 7, 2011  

Laura, Would you stick by YOUR man if he… oh, wait…

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