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'Vampire Diaries' Scoop: Candice Accola Is Terrified Of Who Stefan Could Become Next Season!

Mon, June 6, 2011 6:36pm EDT by 35 Comments

‘The Vampire Diaries’ actress Candice Accola is scared of who Stefan might turn into and discusses Elena moving closer to Damon. PLUS vote on whether you think Stefan and Elena can make it work!

Candice Accola already revealed her thoughts on Caroline and Tyler’s friendship-based relationship on The Vampire Diaries next season, and she also talked to about Elena and the Salvatore brothers. “I think Elena has moved closer to Damon,” Candice admitted, when we asked if she thought the two would get closer in season three.

Candice continues, “I think that the writers did a beautiful job in setting up the cliffhanger in which I am kind of terrified to see what has become of Stefan now that he has fed into his urges, no pun intended! Even though Damon has been making a lot of mistakes, it comes from a very pure place, and to quote Damon from one of the later episodes: even though Stefan is going to do what it takes to make Elena happy, Damon is going to do what it takes to keep her alive. And that is almost like a different kind of love.”

So does Candice have a favorite out of the two different relationships Elena has with the boys? “I am not sure I know if one is better than the other yet. I think that is kind of the eternal question: what is the real definition of right and wrong in a relationship? I think we are just going to have to get to know both characters next season,” she said.

After the shocking season finale, it seems like Elena’s relationship with the two vampire brothers could go either way next season. Do you think Stefan and Elena can make it work? Or would you rather see her with Damon? Vote and sound off in our comment section below.

Check back for more from our interview with Candice, including a full video of her chat with us where she talks about her Lyme disease fundraising-efforts and shares embarrassing stories about her costars plus she reveals something her fans don’t know about her!

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