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Does A Prenup Take The Magic Out Of A Romance Like Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries'?

Mon, June 6, 2011 1:11pm EDT by Add first Comment
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Or is Kim being wise to throw her millions away?

Neither Kim Kardashian nor her gorgeous new NBA star player fiance are hurting for cash; she’s worth $35 million while he has an estimated $8 million fortune. But will the two be hurting their chances for lasting love by coldly signing a pre-nuptial agreement?

Kim, 30, and Kris, definitely need to protect their massive fortunes. A pre-nup does sound like the easiest way to do so, especially because they’ve decided to tie the knot after a mere six months of dating. However, the idea of forming a hard, emotionless business agreement when you’re supposed to be in love just seems wrong to me.

Although it is clearly their lawyers and family members who feel the need to make sure both parties are protected, the couple is smack in the middle of a major money decision that will affect them both. It’s smart to sign a pre-nup, but doing so could cause problems in their relationship.

By saying that a pre-nup is necessary, it’s already hurting their chances of lasting. The idea behind this kind of pact is that they’re both defended against losing their moolah in a divorce, but the irony is that by bringing divorce into the equation before the nuptials have even occurred, it’s creating a divide between the two.

Who wants to think a divorce is imminent before the wedding has even happened? No one.

For Kim and Kris, this makes sense. They’ve known each other a nanosecond and could easily decide two years down the line that they just weren’t MFEO (made for each other). But should you sign a pre-nup? Not unless you’re certain your marriage will fail or one of your is exceedingly rich.

But again — if you’re certain your marriage won’t work, why get hitched at all?


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