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Sofia Says: 5 Reasons To See ‘X-Men: First Class’ This Weekend!

Fri, June 3, 2011 9:02am EDT by 1 Comment

If you love comic book movies and secretly believe that the world would be cooler with mutants running around (like me!) then ‘X-Men: First Class’ is the movie for you!

Though I have never picked up a comic book in my life, I was hooked when Marvel began turning to the X-Men series into movies in 2000, and could not wait for the new prequel!

In the film, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender play the young Charles Xavier and Erik, who later become infamous mortal enemies Professor X and Magneto! For the first time in the series we actually experience their friendship, and I love it! But there’s other reasons to see the flick, too!

Here are my five reasons why YOU should go see ‘X-Men: First Class’ this weekend!

1. Brand new information! Did you know that Mystique and Professor X used to be friends? This a shock to me! In the other X-Men films, they only focus on the former friendship between Professor X and Magneto, but apparently Professor X and Mystique were best friends, too! Say what?! Now I need to go back and re-watch ALL the other films to look for clues!

2. The X-Men film franchise easily balances between a serious world domination plot and funny one liners and awkward moments. If mutants really existed, there would be no power struggle –us little ol’ humans would have been enslaved or dead a while ago. So to keep it light, they add in a cheesy split screen montage of all the young mutants training to become X-Men, and cameos of Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn, favorites from the previous movies.

3. There are great leads! I have to say I was very impressed with the choice of the two man characters in this film, Professor X and Magneto (James and Michael). Though they weren’t given a lot of time to develop their relationship, it still seemed very believable. It was a bit of a tear jerking moment).

4.  The special effects are amazing! In X-Men, the effects become more and more realistic. You won’t believe your eyes!

5. They re-worked historic events to fit the film’s story! The Cuban Missile Crises is used as the platform for the plot, citing it as the moment when Mutants would be revealed to the world.

X Men: First Class hits theaters today and it is a MUST see! So brush up on that comic book knowledge Hollywoodlifers because trust me this is not one you’ll want to miss!

–Sofia Fuller

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