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Should You Stay In Touch With Your Ex Like Jennifer Aniston Does With Brad Pitt?

Fri, June 3, 2011 11:00am EDT by 11 Comments
Should You Stay In Touch With Your Ex Like Jennifer Aniston Does With Brad Pitt?

Is it cool for these two exes to keep in contact — even if if he new love, Angelina Jolie, is against it?

Their marriage may not have ended amicably, but if Brad Pitt and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are still allegedly involved in each other’s lives, to the chagrin of B.P.’s baby mama/life partner, Angelina Jolie. Should you, like Jen, keep in touch with an ex-love or should you keep your distance?

In Touch Weekly claims that when Jen’s beloved dog Norman died, Brad phoned her to offer his condolences on May 18 and the two began reminiscing. Brad gave his former love advice on her upcoming move to NYC and “ told Jen how much his mom misses her.”

The magazine adds that Angie would be “livid” if she knew her man was having secret talks with his ex. “He may have more passion with Angelina, but he had more fun with Jen,” the source says. “He misses that.”

Ouch. Jen’s in a bit of a bind here. On one hand, she very much loved Brad, and he was a massive part of her life. Sometimes it’s hard to let go. On the other hand, their marriage did not end amicably, especially as the word on the street is that he actually left her for Angie. So what’s a girl to do?

Jennifer’s situation is a slightly unique situation. The world waits, watching to see how this trifecta will react when they come in contact at any given moment. She has to be polite in public. However, she shouldn’t be in close contact with a man that might have hurt her so badly.

I think remaining in contact with your ex is a very bad idea if he hurt you or you can’t seem to get over him. You’re holding on to something when you should be letting go, which prevents you from moving on. Plus, not that you really care (especially in Jen’s case) but it’s disrespectful to his new girlfriend to be engaging in anything she doesn’t know about behind her back.

Sorry Jen, but the next time Brad calls, don’t pick up. Let him send a card instead. It’s time to focus on other men — like new guy Justin Theroux, perhaps?

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