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'The Hunger Games' Star Jennifer Lawrence Loves Her Fans And Compares Herself To Katniss!

Thu, June 2, 2011 9:02pm EDT by 2 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence has shot to fame this past year but she says she will always think fans are great no matter what!

The Hunger Games has all the makings of being the next big trilogy now that Twilight has finished filming. Along with the career boost of being in a famous film comes a lot of popularity and subsequent publicity. So how will Jennifer Lawrence, the central star of The Hunger Games deal with her fans once things get overwhelming? The actress sounds like she’s ready to embrace them!

“Yes I am worried [about the excessive fame that might come with ‘Hunger Games’]. But I surround myself with good people and I know that every job has downsides,” explains Jennifer to CTV’s Canada AM. And I don’t think that I could not act, could not make movies. I knew that when I was like 14/15 and I know it was what I was made to do and I can’t live without it, so the thing that I will have to live with is that maybe my social life will suck a little bit. And I am surrounded by family and friends that just know me and don’t care about the other part.”

And even if she gets a lot of attention, she still likes that people are so addicted to the Suzanne Collins-created world. “I do want people to see the movies and enjoy them and talk about them. That’s why I make them. And that’s why I don’t resent it when fans come up. I think fans are great.”

In fact, Jennifer says she can compare herself to Katniss, and how Katniss deals with her newfound fame in the first novel/movie. “Yeah it is very familiar. I met Gary Ross [the director] during the middle of awards season and we sort of laughed about it. People dressing you and talking around you, and you being in this world that you are very unfamiliar with and not really feeling like yourself.”

It’s great to hear that even if she may be nervous about the upcoming exposure she’ll experience by playing such a beloved character, she’s still grateful to her fans. What are your thoughts on Jennifer’s comments? Do you think she’s similar to Katniss?

Lorena O’Neil