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Sarah Palin Keeping Daughter Willow Home So She Won't Embarass Her Mom During Campaign!

Thu, June 2, 2011 10:45am EDT by 3 Comments

AP Images

Willow has publicly embarrassed her mother before, and now Sarah’s taking extra precautions so the 16-year-old won’t jeopardize her plans to become president!

Willow Palin plays the part of “out of control teen” in the Palin family, even though her older sister Bristol, now 20, was a teen mom. With mama bear Sarah Palin‘s presidential run just around the corner, she can’t afford another mishap — so she pulled Willow out of school!

“Willow is a wild girl, and Sarah fears any sort of screw-up on Willow’s part could blow her campaign, so she has her under lockdown at their Wasilla home, revealed a source to National Enquirer.

Last November, Willow embarrassed Sarah by making homophobic slurs on Facebook toward a fellow high schooler that was making fun of Sarah’s TV show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. The rant made national headlines only a few days after it was revealed to the Enquirer that the teen had a pregnancy scare with her 18-year-old boyfriend.

Willow was also involved in an underage drinking scandal last January that caught the attention of local police. While these examples might have gone unnoticed in the life of an average teen bad girl, her life has been under a microscope ever since Sarah’s unsuccessful Vice Presidential run in 2008. So, Sarah’s decision to home school Willow isn’t exactly shocking — she can’t afford another scandal!

“Sarah hopes that taking Willow out of school will help keep any potential problem under control,” says the close source. At first she didn’t like the idea, but then Sarah agreed she “would allow Willow to graduate early if she would keep quiet about it.”

It doesn’t sound like the united family front that Sarah needs so much for her public image will last too long, though. “Willow is counting down the days until she can get away from her mom’s supervision. Her older sister Bristol has promised that the minute she turns 18, she can move in with her.”

Wild child or not — Do you think it’s fair to pull Willow out of her normal high school environment?

–Brooke Peoples