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CHRIS SAYS: Sarah Palin Has Convinced Daughter Piper They Are On Vacation As She Campaigns — How Awful!

Thu, June 2, 2011 5:42pm EDT by 1 Comment

Piper seems to be more of a pawn in Sarah’s inevitable presidential run at she is paraded around the east coast, all the while confused why so many photographers are following!

Piper Palin has become a popular fixture on mom Sarah‘s bus tour through the Northeast this past week, so it’s surprising to learn the 10-year-old actually has no idea what is going on and why her mother is hitting the road. In fact, Piper told a photographer from Time: “Thanks for ruining our vacation.” Vacation?

Piper is an adorable and spunky young girl and I would be just as annoyed were I being followed by hoards of journalists, photographers and camera crews on what I believed to be my vacation. Luckily, I do not have a mother who would tell me I was going on vacation in any sort of self-serving way while she in fact “campaigned” — like Sarah.

Almost every photo from Piper’s vacation shows her clearly annoyed and upset by all the media surrounding her while her mother beams and smiles and mugs for the camera. Why even drag a young child out on the road for this? There is no way a child can find being attacked and approached by strangers fun — it’s frightening.

Instead it seems that Piper, being such a bright and well behaved child, is a great sidekick for sarah. And what better prop for your inevitable presidential announcement than your own child.

Do you agree HollyMoms or do you think Sarah has every right to drag Piper along with her?

-Chris Spargo