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Bonnie Says: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Love Could Last — Even A Lifetime!

Thu, June 2, 2011 6:12pm EDT by HL Intern 30 Comments

They’re young, they’re talented, they’re cute and they’re in love. And yes, this pair is doing so much right in managing their relationship — they could even LAST!

Ever since Justin Bieber, 17, finished his world tour on May 19 in Japan, he and his paramour, Selena Gomez, 18, have been superglued together.

First, they took the major step of going public as a couple, attending the Billboard Awards, on May 22, together and giving their first nationally publicized kiss, after Justin landed the Top New Artist award.

The pair clearly had thought long and hard about coming out as a couple. While refusing for months to publicly acknowledge that they were dating, they nevertheless were photographed sweetly holding hands at the Vanity Fair Oscars party where she was even pictured sitting on his lap!

Whether it was fear of the wrath of Justin‘s fans, or just fear of publicity about their relationship itself, the couple finally decided to throw caution to the wind, and just enjoy being a young couple that’s in love, just like any other young couple in love.

Granted most young couples can’t afford to jet off to Maui with one of their mom’s chaperoning (that would be Justin’s), and stay in a $10,500 a night suite at The Four Seasons Hotel, but they really are just like most young couples, who can’t stop PDA-ing on the beach.

From the beaches of Maui, they jetted to Selena’s hometown of Grand Prairie, Texas, where they hung out with her mom, Mandy, stepdad Brian Teefy, and even went out to Pappasito’s Cantina with her entire extended family on May 29.

Then, after fishing and a trip to Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, it was off to Justin’s hometown  of Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Now Selena’s been in the midst of a family fest, having breakfast with his mom, Pattie, and grandparents, Bruce and Diane Dale, at  the local Madelyn’s Diner, lunch at his favorite restaurant, Swiss Chalet, with his younger brother and sis, Jasmyn and Jaxson, and even sitting on the sidewalk and watching him play hoops with his boyhood pals.

I’m recounting all this detail because it shows how deeply embedded the two want to be in each other’s lives. Each other’s FULL lives.

Also so key to their relationship is how much they have in common. Both are the children of young single moms, who have successfully managed their careers. Both have large and loving extended families. Both have dads who are still lovingly involved in their lives. Both value their close families — unlike a lot of teens their age.

Both care so much about each other that it’s important that they are welcomed by the families they value.

Both are pop and media superstars. Selena has starred in the hit Disney sitcom, Wizards of Waverly Place, for four years, and has recorded 3 hit albums. Justin is the #1 teen pop star in the world, has sold over 5.5 million albums and starred in the largest grossing concert-movie in the U.S., Never Say Never, which was about his life.

The pair are talented and mature beyond their years and shoulder adult responsibilities and pressures that 99 % of teens their age could never understand.

That’s why it’s so wonderful that they have found and fallen in love with each other. They can truly understand what they are each going through.

Selena has said it herself. “He’s been in my life for so long and it’s just nice to have someone who understands what you’re going through.”

And what they’re going through IS unique. They aren’t kids who were born into wealth, privilege and Hollywood,  like Jaden and Willow Smith. They both had very “normal” middle class upbringings before their extraordinary talent and hard work brought them recognition.

Now does that mean their love can actually last? Other young and committed couples like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears and Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have ultimately split.

I bet this couple will last. Here’s why:

#1) We all know couples who were high school sweethearts and are happily married years later — so young love can be eternal love.

#2) Justin and Selena have so much in common, they can truly be best friends, not just in-lust lovers.

Experts agree. “Young love can last a lifetime if the relationship is based on mutual respect and admiration, not just hormones, says clinical pyschologist Dr. Shelia Forman, host of Let’s Talk with Dr. Shelia. “Also, as the couple matures if they do it at a similar pace and grow in a similar direction, and if over time their values and goals remain in sync.”

You know what? I think Justin and Selena can do this.

The biggest challenges this pair will face is if they can still be a loving girlfriend and boyfriend and BFFs if either of their careers’ falters.

Will they still love each other if Justin or Selena’s fame fades?

I think they can, but even if their love isn’t forever, it’s the real deal for right now. “This is an age where your identity is first developing and these two kids going through the same experience while their identity developing is perfect,” says Cooper Lawrence, author of The Cult of Celebrity and radio host of The Scott & Todd Show on WPLJ, “it’s perfect that they found each other.”

I think so too, Justin and Selena.

Enjoy your love for however long it lasts!

Do you think they’ll last Hollywoodlifers?

— Bonnie Fuller



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