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Miracle Baby Suffered THREE Heart Attacks, Died For 30 Minutes… AND SURVIVED!

Wed, June 1, 2011 3:30pm EDT by Add first Comment

When little Alfie Green stopped breathing during a shopping trip when he was just three weeks old, his distraught parents feared the worst.

The newborn was rushed to hospital where his heart stopped beating THREE TIMES! Somehow the mini medical miracle battled back to life each time and has made an incredible full recovery!

“I didn’t even know that someone so young could even have a heart attack – let alone three,” Alfie‘s mom Stacey tells the Daily Mail.

“When his heart stopped beating for so long we really thought we had lost him. But he’s such a little fighter. When it started beating again I just cried with relief.”

Each time his tiny heart stopped, doctors battled to get it beating again. The first time took 17 MINUTES!

But somehow it started up every time, stunning doctors who had almost given up trying to revive him.

When he did come to, they warned Alfie’s parents Stacey Green and Leonard Bratt, from Wolverhampton, England, their baby might have suffered brain damage during the periods his heart wasn’t beating.

The heartbroken couple even had Alfie Christened in his hospital bed, fearing he wouldn’t recover. But the brave baby battled back and scans have now shown his brain wasn’t damaged at all.

Stacey explains, “An ultrasound has shown his brain is normal – and the doctors said it was amazing, but his brain appeared to have mended itself.”

The little fighter spent a week in a ventilator after his ordeal, until he was able to breathe on his own — before he was allowed to go home with his parents.

Alfie’s now nearly nine months old and a healthy growing baby — with the most thankful parents in the world!

Stacey says, ‘Thankfully we have had no more scares. He has reached all his developmental milestones. If he survived three heart attacks at three weeks old, he’s strong enough to survive anything.”

What a heartwarming story, HollyMoms!

— Ian Garland


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