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Is Pin-Thin Angelina Now Down To 99 Pounds? She's So Scary Skinny, Brad Is Begging Her To Get Help — ASAP!

Wed, June 1, 2011 10:03am EDT by HL Intern 10 Comments
Posted Wed, June 1, 2011 10:03am EDT

What’s going on with Angelina Jolie‘s shocking weight loss? At the Cannes Film Festival, jaws dropped when she appeared looking gaunt, bony, and terrifyingly thin. We’re worried for you, Angelina, you’re looking emaciated!

In fact, Star is reporting that the five-foot-seven tall actress’ weight has plummeted to 99 pounds!

“Angie has gotten so skinny and frail, Brad thinks she needs professional help,” a source tells Star, which adds that Brad staged an “intervention,” begging Angelina to get help. “Her face looks sunken. On the red carpet, her arms look like twigs.”

And while the stress of juggling an acting career and motherhood may take its toll on her, it’s her diet that’s the main culprit, according to Star. “Brad is really concerned with her eating habits,” says the source. “She’s existing on cereal bars and fruit smoothies and has slipped to just 99 pounds. She is so thin yet will still go on a carrot-juice fast for days.”

It’s gotten so severe that Brad is “leaving food out all over the place hoping she’ll snack,” and wishing that she’ll gain at least 10 pounds.

C’mon Angelina, you’re looking unhealthy, eat up!

– David Caplan