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Casey Anthony Trial: Casey's Mother Recounts Cleaning 'Smell Of Death' Off Of Granddaughter Caylee's Doll

Tue, May 31, 2011 5:43pm EDT by Add first Comment
courtesy of CNN; Courtesy of ABC

Caylee’s grandmother Cindy Anthony testified in court today, May 31, and struggled to maintain her composure as she relived the moment she discovered Caylee was missing.

The Casey Anthony trial has brought up a lot of twists and turns, including today’s testimony where her mother Cindy Anthony, 52, couldn’t control her sobs as she took to the stand to discuss the terrifying 911 call she made to police back in July 2008 when 2-year-old Caylee was reported missing. “I lost it,” Cindy testified. “I just went into the room and yelled at Casey, ‘What do you mean she’s been gone? Why didn’t you tell us?'”

Her voice cracking, Cindy remembered opening up Casey’s white Pontiac Sunfire — the car her daughter had arrived home in without Caylee. “I said it smelled like something died in the car,” she testified on May 31, before tearfully recounting how she took Caylee’s doll out of the car to clean it off.

“Casey’s purse was on the front seat and Caylee’s baby doll, her favorite doll was in the car seat like it was sitting where Caylee would have sat,” Cindy said, according to “Caylee’s doll smelled like the car so I took it out … I sat the doll down and I went and got a Clorox wipe and I wiped the face and hands. The body was soft and so it smelled pretty bad … I sprayed Febreze all through the car thinking that might help the odor … I used pretty much a whole can of Febreze.”

Soon after this vivid description, the court played the 911 call that Cindy made, where she told the dispatcher: “There’s something wrong. I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there has been a dead body in the damn car.”

As she listened to the horrifying tape, Cindy broke down in sobs and began shaking before asking the judge for a five minute break. And she wasn’t the only one who was visibly disturbed by the recording. The chilling message sent shock waves through the entire courtroom, except  Casey, who onlookers say was emotionless as she sat next to her attorneys.

–Leigh Blickley

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