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'Bachelorette' Preview: Ashley Hebert Begs Bentley Williams To Stay While He Talks Trash About Her!

Mon, May 30, 2011 10:00am EDT by Add first Comment

Bentley’s such a jerk! He’s letting Ashley fall for him when all he can do is talk crap about her behind her back! So not cool!

Poor Bachelorette Ashley Hebert — she’s falling for bad boy Bentley Williams who doesn’t care about her in the least bit. And instead of sending the loser home, on the May 20 episode Ashley begs Bentley to care about her and stay on the show longer. Too bad she doesn’t hear him talking smack about her behind her back to the cameras — saying that he wished she was Emily Maynard!

“I came in not thinking Ashley was attractive at all,” Bentley tells the cameras. “Having her tickle my pickle, that’s like the extent in terms of my interest. She’s just not my type.”

“Cute girl, I’d call her a cute girl,” Bentley adds. “But not an Emily!”

Ashley leads Bentley to her hotel room suite to have a chat with him about him staying on the show.

“I don’t think I’ve had a chance yet to thank you for giving me the very last rose,” Bentley tells her.

Emily responds, “I mean I can do it again if you want.”

Bentley seems nervous being alone with Ashley — is he worried that she figured him out? “You’re being insecure right now,” Ashley points out.

“If this is insecure, then I’m insecure. Whatever,” says Bentley. “If I didn’t have a daughter, it’s like I don’t have a whole lot to lose.”

Enough with the small talk — Ashley jumps to the point. “The only thing I want to say to you is if you feel something for me, please stay, because I feel something for you,” Ashley says. “Bentley listen to me, you need to trust me.”

“You need to stop talking and listen to me now,” Ashley continues. “If you feel something for me, please stick around. I wish you could sit inside of me and know. Please, please, please stick around. Please, please, please.”

But Ashley’s pleas don’t seem to convince Bentley. “There’s no question that Ashley doesn’t have the check list that I’m looking for in a future wife,” he tells the cameras. “I could give a f*** about her.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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