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'There's No One More Outrageous Than Lady Gaga' Claim Her Little Monsters!

Fri, May 27, 2011 3:02pm EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment

Rumsey Playfield in Central Park was crowded with “Little Monsters” today as Lady Gaga kicked off the ‘Good Morning America’ Summer Concert Series!

Mother monster fans were super excited to watch Lady Gaga this morning and she didn’t disappoint! HollywoodLife talked to some in the adoring crowd who loved the spectacle she put on!

Flying right above our heads and onto center stage, Lady Gaga joined her dancers mid song and performed her hit song ‘Bad Romance’ while wearing a red get-up and a white cape on top, something only Mother Monster herself can pull off!

One fan said, “I really love her fashion choices, it really speaks of her personality!” Another fan expressed her gratitude towards Lady Gaga’s fashion, saying, “I love it! I think it’s creative and so different then the other artists who dress up in glitter and stuff like that. She makes it [fashion] creative; it’s never the same thing.”

“I think that it’s amazing that she has enough confidence to wear that and be like ‘Hey this is what I look like,'” added in another little monster.

Although many praised the superstar for her boldness and courage in fashion, most admitted they wouldn’t dare wear what she wears: “I don’t have the guts!” and “Maybe on Halloween” were common answers!

After a brief interview with ‘GMA’ hosts, Gaga resumed the concert with ‘Edge of Glory,’ ‘Judas,’ ‘Born This Way,’ and ‘Hair,’ all the while changing into different risque outfits! The pop star had a unicorn statue on stage, which held her piano that she played during a slow rendition of ‘Hair.’ At the end of the song, Gaga threw one of her wigs into the screaming crowd of fans and as you can imagine, everyone started going crazy over it!

One fan was so happy her idol performed ‘Born This Way’ because “her whole thing is about bullying and last year I had trouble with that. I started high school this year and my mom always told me to brush them off. She recently passed away and ‘Born This Way’ came out the week after so it kinda helped me out.”

But after all is said and done, is there really anyone out there that is more outrageous then Lady Gaga?

Well, according to one little monster, “Nicki Minaj is pretty outrageous…” Until Gaga’s other fans intervened and he quickly concluded, “but I don’t think she’s more outrageous than Lady Gaga!” Sorry everyone! No one is more outrageous then Lady Gaga, “Not in a million years!”

–Joann Vaglica