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The Love Consultants: Why Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Should SLOW DOWN! Do You Agree?

Fri, May 27, 2011 8:00pm EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments

HollywoodLife asked professional matchmaker and dating coach Matt Titus and his wife, author and media personality Tamsen Fadal to weigh in on whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ relationship is moving too fast.

Do they think Kim has finally found everlasting love? Or should she and Kris slow things down if they really want it to last a lifetime?

Matt’s Take:

It’s official Kim Kardashian is going to marry her dream man, basketball player Kris Humphries. Kris surprised Kim by popping the big question last week.

Of course, he also gave her a HUGE rock, which he designed himself, with the help of one of her long-time friends, jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. How nice that she was there to assist him in making sure Kim’s dream of the fairy tale wedding got off to a “perfect” start…


Give me a break! I was struck by the fact that all Kim could gush about to the press was the ring, what about her Prince Charming? It’s all about HER, getting married is a huge positive for Kim, her “brand” will only get better now, think of all the KIM KARDASHIAN WEDDING PRODUCTS she’ll be able to hawk now? Are people forgetting that she’s already BEEN married, and divorced. Why is she pretending that this the first go-round?

Kim, savvy businesswoman that she is, is all about her product, which is Kim, I mean c’mon, the lady Kim tweets about a stubbed toe and her 6.9 million followers go gaga, she’s built herself into a machine and the machine needs new “content”, and a fancy dream wedding is just what the media doctor ordered!

Kim and Kris only been dating for six months. We know all about Kim’s dreadful history with romance, her entire time-frame with Kris has been premature and immature. She’s also been quoted as saying she wants a baby within the first year of marriage, insanity. The truth is, Kim is tired of her married siblings stealing the spotlight, she wants, no, NEEDS a husband and family of her own to compete, and win, the battle of the Kardashian clan.

In my opinion, this is happening way too fast, they are both still young and there should be no need to rush. they’ve still got a lot of growing up to do, and it’s important that you get a grip of life beyond the spotlight before starting a family.

My advice for Kim and Kris is to be patient, and enjoy all the time they’ve both have and they both have an awful lot, no need to rush life –  I hear you only get the one.

Tamsen’s Take:

Kim and her now her fiancé Kris are on the high-speed road to wedded bliss, together only six months, the happy couple made it official last week. Kim’s already talking about starting a family, is it all too much, too fast?

Not if they’re truly understanding of what lies ahead.

Some couples feel they have to start building their families right away, there’s no waiting until they have more secure finances and careers or more life experience. Kim and Kris have no concern over finances, they’ve got that covered, so why not bring on the blessings early? It’s a fairly old fashioned way of jumping right into the roles of being “grown-ups.”

Kim has seemingly finally found the right person this time, her first marriage ended badly, her past romances filled with heart break, now with Kris, she has someone she loves and who is totally able to deal with all the intense media that surrounds her at all times.

But I must note that things will definitely change once they are married. It always happens. It’s one of the biggest issues we face in our Love Consultants business.

Couples become “comfortable” with each other once they start living together, and the true personalities really come out. You start saying things like ‘he leaves his dirty socks on the floor’ or ‘her makeup is always on the counter, she shops too much, etc. The key is to learn and grow together, and to be prepared to endure some tough
times along the way. Growing together helps build a beautiful relationship.

Regarding children, well, they are a lifetime commitment. I would advise Kim and Kris to enjoy having each other just as husband and wife for the first few years of their married life. Savor being there for each other, before thinking of being there for someone else.