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Casey Anthony's Father Demands 'Respect' From Defense Lawyer — Tensions Rise During Trial

Fri, May 27, 2011 11:40am EDT by 1 Comment

After allegations that George Anthony molested his daughter Casey, it’s no wonder the man got upset!

Casey Anthony may be on trial for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, but her father, George Anthony is under a lot of pressure, too.

Not only does the defense claim that George was home when Caylee allegedly drowned in the family’s pool, but 2 days ago George was accused of molesting his daughter when she was 8. He denies this allegation.

Jose Baez, Casey’s defense lawyer, called him to the witness stand and asked him to describe the day that he tried to look for a few missing gas cans in Casey’s trunk. The prosecution maintains that Casey became upset, rushed past him and said “Here’s your [expletive] gas cans,” then drove away.

Under cross-examination from Jose, George became red in the face, “Treat me with a little respect, and I’ll treat you with a little respect. You’re trying to get me more upset, and I don’t think that’s fair. You are badgering me.”

He had been asked if he had put duct tape on top of the gas can, which he said he had. This is important because it’s the exact same brand of tape that was found wrapped around the skull of Caylee’s remains, linking the murder to the Anthony home. George denied Jose’s accusation that he placed the tape on the gas can knowing it would be become important evidence.

New light has also been shed on the accusation that Casey was molested by her father.  Her ex-boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro testified that Casey had never indicated any abuse except “discipline,” and only once mentioned another relative trying to “feel her up.”

The Orlando, FL trial continues for Casey Anthony — and her friends and family.

–Brooke Peoples