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Kim Kardashian Will Get Even MORE Famous After She's Married, Says Image Expert!

Thu, May 26, 2011 9:58pm EDT by 7 Comments

Kim Kardashian is already a household name, but an image expert tells us her popularity will rise now that she’s set to wed Kris Humphries!

Kim Kardashian has a lot to celebrate. Not only is she recently engaged, everyone is talking about her upcoming wedding and her sisters even think it will be more popular than the Royal Wedding. Plus she could make $5 million from her nuptials. To top everything off — this could skyrocket her to become even more famous than she already is!

We spoke to Hollywood Image Consultant Michael Sands about whether Kim getting married would make her more famous. “Yes definitely! It will definitely make her more famous because every woman wants to see her go down the aisle,” says Sands. “Everyone wants to see her get married. Everyone wants to see her chance. So yes it will make her more famous!”

But will it have a negative impact on the Kardashian empire that they are losing their last single girl? “No, no it actually trumps the empire. We all have seen them single and that has truly become boring, and now she has changed things around, people grow up and get on with their life. So it will help, it will not be negative,” explains Michael.

He continues, “People will want to follow them more because the public loves to identify with celebrity. And they will love to identify with their new lives.”

Do you agree with Michael? Do you think you’ll be more interested in Kim now that she’s getting married? Are you intrigued by her relationship and seeing her go from single, fun-loving dating Kim to settled down with a husband? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland