Bonnie Says: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is A Sleazebag For Blaming His 'Sexless' Marriage On Maria Shriver!

Thu, May 26, 2011 1:43pm EST by 36 Comments
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Arnold, there is NO excuse for cheating on your wife, let alone cheating with your housekeeper because your wonderful wife was hard at work.

Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s infamous affair with Mildred “Patty” Baena, his family’s housekeeper for 20 years, began when Maria still had her NBC News Correspondent job. The future Governor of California was home alone and feeling sorry for himself, clearly giving himself the excuse to hit on his housekeeper according to a new report in the National Enquirer.

Patty’s friend, Maria Medel, claims Arnold complained to Patty that his marriage was “sexless,” and that Maria Shriver was “never around.” He complained to her that he felt lonely and unloved, and he started drinking — soon asking Patty to join him.

“One drink led to another, and then another,” says the report. Patty told her friend that they started kissing and “that led to their first sexual encounter.”

So, is there any way in hell that Maria deserves ANY blame for her husband “needing” to cheat?

No way in hell! Arnold wanted to cheat, he clearly enjoyed and felt entitled to cheat, and he just needed to have his own internal justification for doing that.

He used Maria’s important commitments — her RIGHT — to have a career life, as his slimy way of telling himself it was his “right” to have lovers.

“It’s disgusting that he would blame Maria for his wrong deeds, just vile,” agrees relationship expert Cooper Lawrence, author of The Cult of Celebrity and radio host of The Scott & Todd Show on WPLJ.

“It’s tyical for an out-of-control person to blame everyone but themselves. He knew who Maria was when he married her … so it’s total BS to blame the betrayed wife when she did NOTHING wrong.”

What’s so unbelievably hypocritical about this is that Arnold was no doubt attracted to Maria because she was a powerful, well-connected, high-profile woman. She was a trophy that he wanted to wed, but he wanted lesser accomplished women in his bed. And that was strictly because they were available.

Dr. Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist, agrees that Arnold is just making a pathetic excuse for his horndogging: “People cheat for all kinds of reasons. It sounds like he was insinuating that she was frigid or not adventurous sexually. But even if she was not pleasing him, there are no other ways to address the issue such as, by talking with your partner.”

Now that Arnold’s sleazy extramarital adventures have been revealed, he is clearly sorry that his statusy wife has fled the coop and that he has to postpone his movie career comeback –BUT is he feeling guilty at all?

He doesn’t appear to be… AT ALL! But maybe that’s because, as Cooper Lawrence says, he isn’t “driven by guilt. Guilt would make him sorry, guilt would make him take the blame. What he is, is incredibly arrogant.”

I totally agree! Arnold you’re an arrogant baby who isn’t even man enough to NOT blame your wife for your own GROPINATING! This was not Maria’s fault!

– Bonnie Fuller

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Posted at 10:44 PM on May 30, 2011  

if it was sexless why did both women have children about the same time stupid excuse dosent make sense at all

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Posted at 4:18 PM on May 30, 2011  

maria is just as much to blame as arnold. just like sandra is just as much to blame as jesse. you people dont like to hear it bit it is true.

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Posted at 1:06 PM on May 30, 2011  

Marias husband is a hoe-monger, sick in body and head. Karma will catch up with his stinken arse, and the maid, lets blame that HOEEE as well, I don’t lay with someone elses husband. Two mongers of the same stuff, both no good misfits. They deserve each other, Maria is too good for the bastardo.

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Posted at 4:14 AM on May 30, 2011  

Okay, Arnold knew who Maria was when he married her, but Maria knew who Arnold was when she married him, too .. or if she didn’t, it could only have been because of denial. If everyone in Hollywood knew ‘who he was,’ why didn’t she? In law, there is a term, “known or should have known,” and it applies here. At the start of his run for governor, a number of women came out and publicly said who he was, with details, and Maria said, “oh no, who are you going to believe, them or me?” I believed them, of course, because I knew the truth. Granted, she probably didn’t know about the kid(s?) he was fathering around town, but practicing denial is a dangerous thing, and only gets you so far. I find her “I had no idea” stance puzzling.

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Posted at 3:00 PM on May 29, 2011  

I’ve heard the saying that birds of a feather will flock together and so will pigs and swine.A true example here for sure.

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Posted at 7:42 AM on May 29, 2011  

This article is such crap I can’t believe I read it til the end. It’s about making Arnold look like a creep. How could you possibly know what the ins and outs of what happened are. I only see a courageous guy making it against all odd in the states. He had an agenda, sure, but what successful guy doesn’t.

There are reasons for cheating, as opposed to what women wnat to believe. Yes, a total sleezebag exists, but it’s not the norm. Women have a way of thinking you’re men are crap after they get what they want in a different way then men do. It’s subtle because they always want to look like the injured party or daddy’s little good girl. They start withdrawing, withholding love, sex, everything. Plus, they say offhanded things that are usually subtle as well. Eventually, the man will stray, and of course, look like the bad guy. Guys like to feel like they’re on top of the world, and women know this, and play a game of scales and balance until you have no manhood left. They emasculate you. Now, I don’t know what happened here, but this is what usually happens when a guy ain’t getting enough (of everything) in a lot of cases.

Maria is no angel. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

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Posted at 3:08 PM on May 29, 2011  

The one positive thing from this if there is one is the child he fathered with the maid is a boy and it looks like him, and now while he don’t exactly have a face that can cause wet dreams think if it was a girl and it looked like the mother.

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Posted at 6:36 PM on May 29, 2011  

From what I have heard,both women gave birth within a week or so of each other which leads me to believe he was having relations with both women at the same time. That’s gross!

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Posted at 1:22 AM on May 29, 2011  

Maybe he is not as good in the sak as he thinks he is..why else woulsd a beautiful rich woman not sleep with her husband. Oh that rights..he’s an arrogant a-hole to boot..

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Posted at 12:31 AM on May 29, 2011  

I don’t condone Arnolds cheating AT ALL. BUT….if his wife is never around and doesn’t have sex with him then ANY man is gonna cheat. ANY MAN. Men want sex, that’s their nature. It’s human biology. He should have talked to his wife about it and worked something out or told her he was gonna look elsewhere. Besides, Maria is really scary looking…can’t blame him. She’s starting to look just like her mother did as an old woman and that was scary. But I thought he would have at least picked someone better looking that that scary housemaid. Geez.

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Posted at 11:25 PM on May 28, 2011  

Idiot! If he wanted to have sex, why did he marry an American woman, let alone a feminist!??

I thought he was a lot smarter.

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Posted at 4:25 PM on May 29, 2011  

@pjay – You’re a moron.

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Posted at 10:39 PM on May 28, 2011  

Arnold’s excuse is lame as hell. He’s a movie actor (or at least, was). He did a great deal of traveling over the years in connection with his movie career and later, as governor. What about Maria’s loneliness, her horniness? What a hypocrite!

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Posted at 6:50 AM on May 29, 2014  

How do you know SHE never cheated?

Women are hypocrites.

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Posted at 2:28 PM on May 28, 2011  

His choice in misteresses is enough to make me want to VOMIT every time I have to see that disgusting BUTT UGLY woman he fathered a kid with. He is disgusting and his excuses for what he did are PATHETIC as the day is long. His ego is too big, and he thinks way to much of himself. I hope Maria takes him for all she can. He has destroyed a family…his own! He is ROTTEN TO THE CORE!

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Posted at 7:01 AM on May 29, 2014  

Jesus, take a breath then go and lie down for a while.

I don’t know what your parents did to you, Linda, but you need to get some help.

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Deceived Also

Posted at 5:04 PM on May 27, 2011  

If he tried to pull that crap, he needs to be flogged. There is never an excuse for cheating. There are reasons to divorce, but never to cheat. And, who says he was not lying? His character is most definately not sterling here. My husband told his mistress he loved her when he did not care two cents for her, to keep her in the affair, so infidels lie. They are a pretty package. Arnold, if you defame the mother of your children in any way, I hope that Hollywood, politics and/or any arena that would make your life fulfilling turns it’s back on you and shuns you. You were married to a strong woman who stood by your side. I am sure you were a piece of work to live with. Man up and shut up before you say one bad thing about her, I don’t care if it is true. You do damage control now, also for your children.

And Miss Thing, shut your rotted mouth. You are trash. You need to be bagged and sent to Goodwill,, you are second hand news. No self respecting human should want to be in your company with your running your mouth. You make me sick.

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Posted at 7:09 AM on May 27, 2011  

No Maria isn’t to blame but in a marriage there are two sides to every story.
If a woman complains about a sexless marriage, everyone feels sorry for her and thinks her husband is terrible for not being more interested. If a man complains about it, he is viewed as a sex-crazed freak.
Double standard much?
Either way, no one deserves to be cheated on but there are 2 sides to every story and no one knows the truth about their relationship but the two of them.

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Deceived Also

Posted at 5:09 PM on May 27, 2011  

Never, ever a reason. He could say all day long that he never got any and we could pat him on the back and cluck our teeth for him. That is not what this is about. This is about an egomaniac commiting horrible acts in his home with his wife down the hall, lying, deceiving, chancing his children walking in, not caring about anyone else but him self. Who in any society would feel bad for a woman who did this? No one. Any persom who behaved this horribly would be thought of in the same way. His daughters are scarred, his sons are traumatized and his son with the maid is affected. He and the maid are pigs. Her running her mouth, she needs to crawl back into the troll hole she crawled out of. Woof doggie.

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Posted at 8:13 AM on May 28, 2011  

Many guys who cheat are themselves one trick ponies. Arnold brings to mind the Tony Soprano character. Having sex in his underwear and black socks. I wouldn’t doubt that he is underendowed due to his steroid use.

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Posted at 6:15 AM on May 27, 2011  

Earlier on in the seperation story when no one knew about the housekeeper there were theories… A couple of articles mentioned the death of Maria’s relatives could bring… Once the housekeeper story came out something appeared odd about it all to me. I tried searching to see when Arnold’s mother died, curious if he had been in depression of some kind. I am unsure of the exact beginning timing of the housekeeper and during the period I was searching ended with distractions. Maybe someone could check it about better than I can , the dates.

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Posted at 9:53 PM on May 26, 2011  

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Posted at 4:42 PM on May 26, 2011  

Wow. Below NAME DAME writes: “Is it wrong for a man to complain about his sexless marriage?” To WHOM did he complain? “What about the fact that he was missing is wife?” Drinking and doing the cleaning lady certainly are every loving husband’s approach to handling such “feelings.” OMG!

From this “sexless” marriage, four babies were conceived, welcomed, nurtured — and acknowledged. For the future well-being of these beautiful children, can we as mature males and females finally concede that when a married man woefully complains of “sexlessness,” he’s looking for more than a shoulder to cry on?

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Name Dame

Posted at 5:23 PM on May 26, 2011  

Let me state this bluntly;

1. Men will cheat for as long as the situation describe above persist.
2. Most men are fed-up of having to feel like the need to feel guilty for having legitimate sexual desire for their wives.
3. Becoming a mother should stop bee an excuses for neglecting your husband and meeting his legitimate needs in relationship.

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mom of four

Posted at 9:16 AM on May 28, 2011  

Let’s say all of your points are totally valid.

Here’s the problem: He lied and covered it up for years. Just be honest with your partner if they are not meeting your needs. If it was so bad he could have left her and been with the housekeeper or anyone he wanted. He made a choice – but he took Maria’s choice away by deceiving her into thinking their marriage was important to him.

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Lynn Cee

Posted at 3:43 PM on May 26, 2011  

Time to re-check out a copy of Maria Shriver’s small, preachy book in 10 chapters, “Ten Things I Wish I’d Known — Before I Went Out Into The Real World,” published in 2000 — what an insightful eye-popper in hindsight — just surreal. Gives new meaning to Chapter 11.

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name dame

Posted at 2:29 PM on May 26, 2011  

This article reads like a politically correct feminist propaganda manifesto!

Is it wrong for a man to complain about his sexless marriage? Or should he just suffer in silence because he is a man?

What about the fact that he was missing is wife? Is he not allowed to feel that way too?

You guys seem more interested in de-legitimizing Arnold’s feelings ,concerns,and complains rather than actually discussing the real issue here!

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oh please

Posted at 10:42 PM on May 26, 2011  

“Is it wrong for a man to complain about his sexless marriage? Or should he just suffer in silence because he is a man?”

If that was the issue, he would have ended his marriage like many other men do. Clearly the issue here is not lack of sex, it’s wanting too much sex than what you are entitled to because fame and money got to your head to the point where you’ve become narcissitic and think you’re entitled to indulge every whim.

The “sexless” claim is just a rationalization so that his mind doesn’t feel bad about what his peeny wants to do…other women.

Frankly for someone whose marriage was apparently sexless, 4 children were produced, and he continued to stay with his wife for 20 years and would have stayed even longer while banging chicks on the side if she hadn’t found out about his bastard child.

I would agree with you in certain cases, but in this case, it’s clear what the issue is: his ego.

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Posted at 7:16 AM on May 27, 2011  

Just because 4 children were conceived doesn’t mean they had sex 24/7…
For all you know they may have only had one sexual encounter per each year of their time together.
Just saying, stranger things have happened..

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Deceived Also

Posted at 5:14 PM on May 27, 2011  

Sorry dude, eff Arnold, k? He has destroyed the lives of his children, his wife and even his illegitimate child. Get real. He was fishing, k? Grow up.

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LindaBell Hobbsnobble

Posted at 2:13 PM on May 26, 2011  

Like my ole Texas Momma would always say…a feller will go with a hard d***, where he would’t go with a loaded shot gun! Menfolk are dumber than a bag of rusty hammers!

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Posted at 8:20 PM on May 27, 2011  

Men are you reading just what women really think of us. Look at Deceived Also’s comments. Look at LindaBell Hobbsnobble’s comments.

Wake up men.

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Posted at 9:58 PM on May 28, 2011  

amen brother. Word of advice–do not get married. A very simple lesson that men need to learn. Raise your kids, pay your support–be an excellent father–take care of your self and provide for your kids–but never–never –get into a contract of any sort that has you giving up half of what you own to a partner who has no actual feeling of responsibility to you.

Women can make their own way in the world now. Empowered–with money and opportunity. Love that lasts a lifetime is much rarer than people have been lead to believe.

Don’t walk–run away from anything like a marriage situation.

As for Arnold–every man cheats–it may not be physically–but you can bet that he has closed his eyes and thought of someone else in the sack. He just had the power and money to live it. So he pays the consequences–in the end bet on the fact that his kids will be looked after and so will the women.

And the one thing that women love more than being financially independent with no work on their behalf is being able to sprawl like a martyr across the the misdeeds of the men in their lives.

boo hoo. Tell you what–let me know if any of you think that Maria Shriver would have married Arnold Schwarzeneggar the poor auto mechanic–instead of the rich guy and let me know how much this expression of female rage is not at all about their power base being messed with.

Soak it up ladies–what you give ain’t worth the cost.

I figure another ten years and a few dozen more examples of men behaving as men have always behaved and marriage will be a thing of the past.

Like typewriters and betamax tapes.

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Posted at 11:34 PM on May 28, 2011  

Amen, Brother!

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Posted at 4:31 AM on May 30, 2011  

Rocketman is my man. 100% spoton.

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Posted at 4:26 AM on May 30, 2011  

Tell it like it is.

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