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Ryan Seacrest Is Upset About Julianne Hough's Sexy Kissing Scene With Diego Boneta!

Tue, May 24, 2011 1:56pm EDT by 6 Comments, Getty Images, Getty Images, Getty Images

Poor Ryan Seacrest! The ‘American Idol’ host is not happy that his girlfriend is smooching another man, and now people at CBS Studios have been instructed not to mention the make out scene in the building!

Julianne Hough stripped down to an 80s style purple bikini in Miami Beach yesterday to film kissing scenes with Rock of Ages costar Diego Boneta. The onscreen couple looked like they were having a great time getting into character as they splashed around in the waves, but there was one guy who was not as thrilled about their frolicking — Ryan Seacrest. Julianne’s boyfriend “really doesn’t like her kissing scene”, a source close to Ryan tells us. In fact, he’s so upset about it, people in the CBS building have been told not to bring it up!

“The ‘Dancing with the Stars’ cast and crew were told not to discuss Julianne’s kissing scene in her new movie while in the CBS building,” our insider reveals. “‘Idol’ is filmed there as well, and Ryan often passes by the ‘DWTS’ people. He does not want it addressed and especially in his presence. He would like to pretend his girlfriend isn’t kissing anybody else, even if he understands it is her job.”

Aw! Well it is understandable that Ryan would not want to talk about his (super hot and fit!) girlfriend getting sexy with another man, especially now that the pictures have been released. Plus, as we previously reported, Ryan has been happier than ever with Julianne and even thinks she is “the one”.

Meanwhile, Julianne tweeted her excitement about her first day of filming and her cute brown-haired costar called it “an awesome adventure”.

Hopefully Ryan can stay busy with the American Idol final performance tonight, and just focus on how proud he is that Julianne’s acting career is still going strong now that she’s on her third movie.

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland

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