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‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Recap: Alexis Bellino's Sexy Showcase Turns Into A Fashion Nightmare!

Sun, May 22, 2011 11:27pm EDT by William Earl 7 Comments

Meanwhile, Gretchen gets serious with Slade and Vicki’s on the brink of divorce.

The May 22 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County started with a bang: Peggy Tanous throws a big birthday bash for her hubby in Las Vegas!

Tamra Barney and Eddie join the couple for a night of crazy fun on the Strip. Because the two couples mesh so well over dinner and drinks, Peggy even thinks they’re a perfect replacement for their former BFFs, The Bellinos.

But things aren’t so hot in the Gunvalson household. Vicki Gunvalson’s hit rock-bottom in her relationship with Don — the two rarely talk or spend quality time together anymore.  She even admits, “I feel he’s more like a business partner than a husband.”

Though she’s stayed pretty hush about her problems with the ladies, Vicki eventually spills about the whole thing to Tamra over shots of tequila. Vicki explains she’s still on the fence about divorce, but Tamra (a new divorcee) thinks it might be the best move for the both of them.

In other Housewives news, Gretchen Rossi and Slade sit down for a long talk about their future. While she admits she loves him to death, Gretchen doesn’t coddle him for long, and explains that he needs to get his act together. With rumors flying around about his child custody battles, Gretchen says she won’t foot the bill for any of his post-marital problems. And she won’t even think about marriage until everything gets resolved!

But the OC drama really heats up during Alexis Bellino’s fashion show. Though Alexis was hoping for a picture perfect evening of “fabulous fashion and fabulous fun,” the premiere of her couture dress line turns into a huge flop!

For starters, the ladies are lukewarm about the dress collection. But things get even more spiced up when Tamra learns that Vicki’s in the hospital for hemorrhage surgery!

She panics about the whole thing, which turns into a major distraction from the fashion show. And when Gretchen says Vicki’s timing was “ironic,” this causes a major blowout between the ladies, which is sure to spill over into next week’s season finale!

— Katie Moore