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'RHONY' Drama Alert: Jill Zarin V. Ramona Singer — Battle Over Ramona's Wine!

Fri, May 20, 2011 4:44pm EDT by HL Intern 4 Comments

Ramona Singer has taken to her Facebook account regarding the May 19 episode of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City!’ She’s calling Jill a liar and is not backing down!

Ramona Singer looked quite comfortable on the May 19 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City as she enjoyed a glass of her Pinot Grigio during an Anti-Bullying Event hosted by Jill Zarin. Jill claims Ramona was asked to bring the wine as an auction donation but Ramona says this isn’t so! Was Jill merely trying to start a feud for the sake of good television, or is she telling the truth?

Ramona took to her facebook page this morning: “Jill denied that I was ever asked to bring wine to serve to the ladies at the charity lunch. Please see the emails between our assistants confirming just that! Another Jill lie…”

The email is a correspondence between Darren Bettencourt, who manages Jill, and Ramona’s assistant Melissa. Darren writes:

“YES, what about the wine?? Does Ramona want to serve her wine at the party?”

Melissa wrote back: “I will be in touch re the wines as it is not in full production yet we are seeing if we can pull some.”

Darren spoke exclusively with about the email controversy:

“Ramona’s assistant left me a frantic voicemail about the wine … I was trying to clarify what Ramona’s assistant was asking me about the wine because her voicemail got cut off,” explains Darren. “That is why I put two question marks, I said ‘What about the wine??'”

“I had another conversation with Ramona’s assistant about the wine and we agreed that it would be used for the silent auction to raise money for the charity,” Darren continues. “I then told Jill that Ramona would bring wine for the silent auction. The bottom line is that Ramona wanted to drink the wine and Jill wanted to use it to raise money for the charity — it is as simple as that.”

Jill herself says: “It doesn’t matter how the wine got to the party, the fact is that once I saw the wine I told Ramona that the caterer only set up martini glasses and that we wouldn’t be able to serve it anyway — but we were happy to have it for the silent auction to raise money for the charity. We set up the wine on the silent auction table and after people bid on it Ramona tore into the case of wine and started drinking it.”

Ramona tells “Jill never asked me to donate anything for the silent auction. I just got an email from Jill asking would you like to donate for the goody bag. Her assistant asked me to donate wine for the ladies because they had no other wine to serve. She didn’t want to serve the wine and freaked out. It was my girlfriend’s idea who said let me bid on one bottle and donate to the charity. The rest they took over to another side. The wine I and the other women were consuming was the wine brought to serve as requested.”

An insider who was at the event also tells us that Ramona’s wine was the only wine being served. “Ramona did not take the wine from the auction table,” says the source. “She had a glass like the other attendees that was being poured for the guests.”

BFFs, whose side do you believe?

-David Ryan

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