Lorena On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Finale: Owen And Derek Need To Get A Grip!

Fri, May 20, 2011 4:43am EST by 6 Comments

What was wrong with the men on Grey’s Anatomy tonight? Almost all of them acted like jerks!

If you had told me 7 years ago that we would see a Grey’s Anatomy season finale one day that had Meredith comforting her crying baby while Derek immaturely ignored her, I’d have laughed in your face. Meredith with a baby? Please. But last night we began to see Meredith as a mother, and it was a beautiful thing in contrast to the harshness that was Derek Sheperd.

“I don’t know how to raise a child with someone who doesn’t understand that there’s a right and a wrong in the world. You’ve been saying [you’re a bad mother] for weeks, maybe you’re right.” Doctor Derek Sheperd you have SOME nerve. You saw Zola and decided you and Meredith were ready to adopt her, then you jumped in with both feet, barely hearing what Mer had to say, and now after getting legally married so that you could finalize the adoption you tell Meredith she couldn’t be a mother? Way harsh Der.

This interaction with Meredith and Derek made me think back to when Derek’s mother gave him the family engagement ring to propose to Meredith. She explained Derek needed Meredith because she could see the shades of grey when all Derek can see was the stark black and white. The couple feed off of their differences, but occasionally they butt heads on the case of morals. And to be honest, I think Derek could have been a little more considerate when factoring in Adele. Although the scene where the patient’s wife says, “My children’s father is disappearing,” is pretty heartbreaking to watch, especially if you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Owen started out being adorable, and as I said earlier today, I would love to see Cristina as a mother. But I really didn’t appreciate his overreaction to Cristina’s decision not to have the baby. It was obviously not something she viewed as easy, and as funny as her jokes were at times, (‘I’m not a monster’, ‘You can’t have half a baby’), there was truth in what she was saying. She can’t have a baby in way that would make her not even notice. I feel for Owen, I do, but I think he handled himself too angrily.

Other memorable moments

  • The sole survivor plane crash was tragic. It was also really well-done with the families staying around for the unaccompanied minor, and totally drew tears from me when the woman lied that her son was still in surgery.
  • Mark and Lexie. That speech Lexie gave… poor girl. I could feel her desperation to get over Mark just oozing out of her. She does really want to be happy, and Jackson Avery gives her the simplicity that allows her to be happy in a way Mark can’t right now. But their reunion, at this point, seems inevitable.
  • April gets Chief Resident. I find her irritating at times but think this will end up being a good position for her. I felt sorry for April when nobody congratulated her, until Avery. Not as sorry as I started to feel for Alex when Owen pointed out he turned on the “most universally liked” resident in the hospital. He shouldn’t have told on Meredith but he was drunk and angry and we can’t all be held accountable for what we do when we are drunk and angry.

What did you guys think of the episode? Of Bailey’s storyline? Of Teddy’s love triangle? Sound off below!

Lorena O’Neil


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Posted at 7:00 AM on May 25, 2011  

I enjoyed Cristina and Owen’s scenes. Derek a bit drastic to just leave like that. Love Zola! I don’t understand why Callie and Arizona were not included in the end of the FINALE. Every other couple was shown. MerDer and Crowen not so happy. Bailey and Teddy had happy moments with their guys, yay! But where was C/A happy couple moment? Maybe they’re not happy? We don’t know, because we haven’t had one single moment with C/A after they got married. They haven’t shown any affection or love towards e/o, had any newlyweds interaction, and not once have we seen them as a family with Sofia. They haven’t even spoken together about being married or being moms! If it had been a straight couple I bet we would’ve got both post wedding moments and family moments. In fact, ALL other couples of GA have had post wedding moments. C/A is the only couple who have not in 7 years of this show. What kind of message is that sending?

If they say C/A is a couple, they need to show them as one. C/A act like friends, and the whole threesome/one big happy poly family is terrible. If they cannot portray C/A with respect and truthfully as a couple, just please, break them up

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Browncoat Whit

Posted at 9:46 AM on May 20, 2011  

I disagree regarding Owen. He wasn’t demanding that Cristina have this child. He was just demanding that she respect him enough to actually sit down and treat him like an equal partner in the decision. I’m a pro-choice liberal gal who has chosen not to have children — and I’ve always loved Cristina for not needing to spawn carbon soldiers… and yet I’m appalled that Cristina could cut Owen out of this decision entirely. They’ve had a very one-sided relationship, and maybe Owen’s kicking her out of the house for a night is going to be the wake-up call she needs… not that she NEEDS to be a mother, but that she NEEDS to consider her devoted husband as an equal, and not always take him for granted.

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Posted at 4:59 PM on May 20, 2011  


Owen wasn’t asking for anything unreasonable, and Cristina was totally caught up in herself (yeah, as usual).

As far as Derek, I understand his professional upset, but for him to take it as far as he did into the personal realm was a bit over the top, particularly given the things he’s put Meredith through with his post-traumatic acting out at the beginning of the season.

At the same time, the setup for the whole Meredith/Derek blow-up bugs me like nobody’s business. A single-blind study into an experimental drug I can almost understand, but for them to finagle Adele into the study reeks of researcher bias that would have invalidated the study from the start, because there’s no way that Meredith and Derek couldn’t have some sort of impact on the research, even if the outcome for Adele was positive. I call BS on Shonda with this one, as would anyone who has even the most basic understanding of medical ethics.

Alex was being typically short-sighted, not seeing how the things he does (or doesn’t do) tend to blow up in his face, and he reverted to being a self-pitying child, which made me want to kick him somewhere south of the border.

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Posted at 7:54 AM on May 20, 2011  

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Posted at 5:38 AM on May 20, 2011  

well I think Shonda is trying to make fans run away in order for ABC to stop the show and for her to be free…

Anyway I can’t stand when they make promises & break them in poor scripts, and I am not sure i will come back to watch next season after this unless the Mark&Lexie reunion is really worth the wait

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Posted at 5:03 PM on May 20, 2011  

I don’t want Mark and Lexie to get back together. EVER. I think Mark needs to learn to stop thinking with his manly bits now that he has the kid he’s wanted. Lexie doesn’t need to be a half-mother for a child that already has two mothers, and I can’t see Mark disengage from Sofia enough to make the room for Lexie that she’s going to insist on.

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