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Mom Finally Gets Pregnant After Being Injected With Yolk From A Chicken Egg! Wow!

Fri, May 20, 2011 11:53am EDT by Add first Comment


After an eight year struggle with fertility, Leanne Blackwell has given birth to a baby boy thanks to an eggs-traordinary chicken!

Leanne Blackwell, 38, and her husband Andy, 40, have been trying to conceive a baby since 2003, spending close to $24,000 on IVF treatments. But in 2010, they discovered their immune systems were incompatible and that Leanne’s overactive system was killing her fertilized eggs. That’s when their doctor suggested a different approach to pregnancy…a VERY different approach. 

Dr. George Ndukwe, from Care Fertility in Nottingham, UK, suggested that he inject Leanne with protein from a chicken egg, whose fatty acids reduce the number of killer cells in the immune system. The Blackwells decided to test it out.

Leanne was injected with an intralipid solution containing a combination of egg extracts and soy oil through a drip, before being inseminated with the couple’s fertilized eggs. In May 2010, she found out she was pregnant!

She gave birth to baby Martyn, who weight 6lbs, 13oz, in February of this year.

“Holding Martyn in my arms for the first time was amazing, and the fact we had waited for so long made it all the more powerful,” Leanne tells the Daily Mail.

The solution Leanne was given before and after she fell pregnant is said to interfere with the signal to the immune system to kill the fertilized eggs (which Leanne’s body considered foreign bodies), reducing the number of killer cells.

“We believe that this treatment is important for women and families because there seems to be a subset of fertility patients who have developed, effectively, over active immune systems and this is contributing to their fertility difficulties,” Simon Thornton, Group Medical Director, CARE Fertility tells the Daily Mail.

“This treatment is inexpensive, well tolerated and easy to administer. We have devoted time to finding answers when nature goes wrong.”

Isn’t this amazing, HollyMoms? Would you try this method?

–Leigh Blickley


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